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Ania Lesniak (owner)

Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga

Anna believes that passion and compassion is what makes life beautiful and interesting. Born and raised in a small mountain village in Poland, came to NYC in a year 2000. Yoga has been part of her life since than. Became a yoga instructor in 2008 under JhonT in Atmananda Yoga school in NY. Teaches Yoga in English and Polish. Certified in Reiki Level 1, currently studying with Yoga Sukhavati, Leigh Evans and Summer Quashie. Ayurveda and elements of Chinese Medicine, with the focus on woman's health. Capoeira became her lifestyle, salsa and swing heals her soul.
As the universe wanted Anna became the owner of a studio she was teaching at. In 2009 the original Daya Yoga Studio was born at the Onderdonk location. In 2014 Meghan and Ania became partners, studio has a new home now where we are all very happy.

Anna's classes are challenging, (open to all the levels), with the emphasis on building strength and stamina.
Discipline and consistency is the key.
Safety, alignment and working towards healing injuries is the goal.
Lately Ania finds her inspiration in Ashtanga and nature..

Love and Light

DayaYoga - Instructors
Liz Post (manager)

Kripalu Flow

Liz truly fell in love with the art and practice of Yoga during her first trip to Kripalu in the spring of 2006. For Liz, a long time runner and biker, Yoga emerged as a way to connect to her body and mind in a new and benevolent way. Using breath and meditation combined with conscious movement, her practice spanned
beyond the mat and into all facets of her life. During her graduate studies in Philosophy, Liz became more aware of a deeper need for Yoga. She made her way to The Kripalu Yoga Center for Health and Wellness where she studied under Senior Teachers, Priti Robyn Ross and Rudy Pierce and received her 200-hour teacher training.

In each class she strives to hold a safe and sacred space for her students. Each asana provides us with an opportunity and a challenge to discover and embrace our own expression of yoga. For Liz, yoga is not just a series of poses, it is an opportunity to connect to ones inner self. In one of the busiest cities in the world, where breathing feels like a luxury, we are too often unaware of our genuine needs and wellbeing. Yoga provides us with an opportunity to become the witness, to dive deep and sit in the questions.

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Kiersten Cregger (manager)

Yin Yoga, Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra

The purpose Yoga serves for me is always changing. In childhood, it was a way to bond with my mom; in college, it redefined my relationship with my body; teacher training incited a spiritual revolution and set me on a path of lifelong discovery.

I teach what I practice which includes the 8 limbs of the Patanjali Sutras infused with Buddhist mindfulness techniques. I have formally trained in Power Vinyasa and Yin Yoga and have a personal practice of Bikram and Iyengar Hatha and Yoga Nidra.

My intention is to give you something useful. Something that not only changes your yoga practice on the mat, but changes the way you experience your existence and hopefully helps you make your way in this world.

"Like a procession you walk together towards your god-self. You are the way and the wayfarers. And when one of you falls down he falls for those behind him, a caution against the stumbling stone. And he falls for those ahead of him, who though faster and surer of foot, yet removed not the stumbling stone." - Kahlil Gibran

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Meghan Conway

Kripalu Flow

Meghan first found yoga while filling a college credit. She was immediately intrigued and began exploring the world of yoga.
College led Meghan into the fast paced fashion industry, where she looked to her yoga practice as a place of solitude and sanity. She soon realized how the soulful impact of Yoga had transformed her outlook on life. Deciding to fully immerse herself in study, Meghan left the fashion industry, and made her way to the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, a Yoga Alliance certified school. There, she studied under Coby Kozlowski and Randal Williams during their month long 200 hr Yoga teacher training program. She connected with the compassionate Kripalu practice and began to integrate Kripalu in with her Vinyasa Flow.
Truly understanding the stress of city life, Meghan returned to Brooklyn, more motivated than ever to spread the light and positivity that Yoga has to offer.
In her Kripalu Vinyasa classes, she combines the inward, meditative, compassionate Kripalu approach and marries it with the free flow and fluidity of Vinyasa. Expect some playful free flow, and blissful meditation.
Meghan’s goal is to spread her love and Kripalu to the community!

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Carlos Vazquez

Yoga - Advanced Practice

Devotion fortified practice. Steady  mind, Right Alignment, Right Intention, Diligent. Strong and sweet practice that will produce an unshakable practice of yoga, outside and inside of the yoga studio.Those are some of the principles in the practice and teaching of Carlos Vazquez.

Multimedia artist lives and works in New York City.
Studied Physics, Fine Art, teach Spanish and Yoga.

Open Level Class with Carlos consists of dynamic viñasa flow. Mental and Physical challenging sequences. Alignment, Breath Meditation and steady asana. The class is often assisted by Tomoko Nagahama Thai Massage Yoga Teacher.

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Christine “Taran Inder Kaur” Cáceres

Kundalini and Vinyasa Yoga

Christine “Taran Inder Kaur” Cáceres is a Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga teacher and graduate of the Yoga to the People NYC a Yoga Alliance certified school 2012, with 200hr teaching certificate and also a 300hr Level One IKTYA certified
Kundalini teacher completed her training at Kundalini Yoga East NYC, studying under the guidance and grace of Sat Jivan Kaur And Sat Jivan Singh.

Christina is also a DIY singer/songwriter/artist/yogini/dancer and is actively performing and recording in NYC and sometimes around the world. She loves traveling, collaborating with other musicians and artists, being in the mountains, near the sea as well as walking through a rain forest and getting to know a new city and their people.

Christina's vinyasa class incorporates meditation, mantra and is a physical practice drawing influence from Krishnamacharya's Hatha/Vinyasa krama style. Her classes focus on the breath control (pranayama) the connectedness to breath and movement, a moving meditation as you flow and move through your asanas which include standing, inversions, balancing and restorative poses.

During her teacher training she was asked what she felt was important as a teacher, she said “As a yoga teacher you are also always a student and I think its important to remember how you felt the first time you walked into a yoga studio, how your body felt, your emotions, and how you felt when you walked out”. She creates a safe space for her students, tuning in with them as they stretch and flow, helping to strengthen their bodies, balancing their auric energy fields and always emitting positive energy and love. We are all one, love and light.

Om Namah Shivaya

Om Sri Chakra Vasinyai Namaha, Om Sri Lalitambikayai Namaha

Om and Salutations to she who provides abundance

Sat Nam

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Kenny "Kiret Singh" Sperry


Kiret Singh is a certified KRI Kundalini instructor and graduate of Kundalini Yoga East in Manhattan, NY. From early childhood his life long affair with the concept of spirit and the quest for the meaning of life eventually lead him to this ancient yogic practice. His passion for the unknown translates well into his classes as he infectiously shares the expeience of the divine self through daily sadhana, diet, and meditation.
As a traditionalist his aim is to keep the teachings of kundalini yoga as pure as they where from the original transmission. “May our light guide us through the darkness into our shared collective destiny of cosmic planetary evolution. Sat Nam”

DayaYoga - Instructors
Cindy Solorzano-Lopez

Kripalu Yoga

Cindy Solorzano - Lopez is a certified yoga teacher in Kripalu lineage. Her time spent as a resident volunteer at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health provided her with the inspiration and knowledge that come from intense inner work and community living.
Her classes are jovial and thought provoking!
Cindy's practice is one, not of being "bendy", but compassionate and open to life, energy, and the teachings of the Guru of all gurus: the Self.

Cindy believes that this approach, in time, becomes transformative and empowering. Cindy is also the founder of Hempstead Yoga, a place that looks to provide residents of Hempstead, NY with local, affordable access to an integral yoga practice.

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Corrine Feinberg

Reiki and Yoga

Corinne has always found solace connecting to movement. Ballet was her first love, but she found it difficult on her body's mechanics. Yoga was a way to find fluidity in motion while maintaining a more healthy physical alignment; however, it was very apparent that yoga was more than just about the asana practice. The deep inward experience is what kept Corinne hooked, and drove her to Kripalu for her yoga teacher certification.
In addition to teaching yoga, Corinne combines knowledge of various techniques as an integrative healer. She teaches Reiki - a Japanese form of energy healing that aids in de-stressing and deep relaxation to allow the body, mind, and spirit to rest and rejuvenate - and combines Reiki with yoga to release stress and strain, therefore creating space in the body and deepening the asana practice.
Corinne is a student of life and has sought training in craniosacral therapy, herbal medicine, nutrition, and Ayurveda. She is always looking to expand her knowledge of the body and continuing to support others on their healing journey.
The combination of Corinne's passion for integrative healing with the practice of yoga aims to facilitate a deep awareness of self on and off the mat.

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Jessica Allen

Dynamic Yoga Flow

Jes has been exploring movement, deep connection and personal liberation her entire life. Yoga has been the “aha” switch to all things transformative; free the body, free the mind. Her classes are conceived through intention and self inquiry; sequences laced with mudras and pranayama designed to explore and create, using the body as a tool to stimulate consciousness.

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Kacper Chudzik

Tantric Yoga

I have been a practicing yogi for almost 4 years and a teacher of yoga and breathwork for 2 years. I study and practice Tantric yoga. It is the practice of accessing the awareness of a healing universal force known as prana. As humans we are pranis "breathing creatures" that is why a practice based on upon breathing and accessing prana can be rejuvenating to the physical body ,calming to the mind and uplifting to spirit. Yoga is a great way to keep the physical body in shape but the original purpose is to reach the yogic state of samadhi. From the knowledge gathered on our yoga mats we can become centered, open, sharing beings, and experience the sacredness of the present moment.

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Linnea Vedder

Kripalu Flow

Linnea has been practicing yoga for over 13 years and is honored to be able to share its gifts of transformation with others. She received her yoga teacher certification at Kripalu Yoga Center in 2010. Linnea creates a fun and loving space for practitioners to explore and deepen their yoga practice. Her classes integrate a strong foundation of alignment with a balance of heat-building vinyasa to challenge the body and silence to still the mind. In 2010 Linnea received a reiki level one attunement. This healing energy enhances her yoga instruction.
As well as being involved with yoga and reiki, Linnea is a drummer, singer and painter. Linnea’s relationship to her body as a rhythmic and tonal instrument helps her create interesting, dynamic, and fun yoga flows.

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Ola WIdera

Yoga and Therapeutics

DayaYoga - Instructors
Wiliam Klein

Kripalu Flow

Yoga is the foundation upon which I’ve built the current house I live in. It’s taught me a love and fascination for the inner workings of the body, mind, and more subtle forces at play, which influence the way I teach. I completed my 200-hour training at the Kripalu Center in 2011, and have gone on to teach in offices, schools, parties, and privately. Teaching and working with others brings me great joy—it’s made me a better student! I’ll soon be reentering school to study physical therapy, which will give me an intimate knowledge of how the human body works and heals to better serve myself and my students.

DayaYoga - Instructors
Susannah Simpson


Susannah’s practice is strongly informed by her background in dance and experimental movement, as well as years of practice in hatha and vinyasa yoga, and a love of guided meditation. Through movement, both based on asana and creative improvisation, as well as pranayama (manifesting stillness, bliss, and openness by way of breathwork), and meditation she strives to guide yogis in clearing out the gunk that builds up in our minds, hearts, and bodies during the hubbub of daily life, shaking off the oppressive binds of past trauma, societal shame, and negative experiences that we have internalized, and freeing ourselves in order to give and receive love openly and freely.

Her goal is to establish a safe, sweet, and challenging container that encourages people to open up and realize the infinitely expansive, immaculately intelligent threshold of love, power and peace that is planted in each being and connects us to each other and our environment, so that we can step into our highest selves and bring dreams into action, and cultivate the ability to offer mindfulness, compassion and careful nurturing to the earth, each other, and ourselves.

Susannah completed her 200-hour teacher training at the Sivananda Ashram on Paradise Island in 2012, where she was given room to feel the support of the earth beneath her and understand herself within it. In addition to teaching yoga, she is a performance artist and poet, and leads various dance/movement workshops and Women’s circles. She is psyched it co-create with you! <3

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Tyler Hazui


Tyler fell in love with yoga as the perfect way to articulate meditation in motion and a beautiful way to build community. Although he would contest that playing music is his lifelong passion, movement has always been a part of his life. Taking gymnastics, martial arts and playing soccer as a child, and then running and developing a heavy calisthenics practice as an adult. Tyler found yoga to bring more purpose and awareness behind each movement and connect with the body in an intimate way allowing the mind to release and find peace. As a stand alone practice and hopefully as preparation for mindful movement and thought throughout life, Tyler hopes that everyone should as least give yoga a shot.

He spent a year work studying at Body Actualized Center in Bushwick and realized how powerful a tool yoga is in building community and collective consciousness. Deciding to take the next leap, he completed his RYS certified 200 hour at Yoga to the People and has hit the ground running teaching Vinyasa at all of the studios in addition to teaching at Daya in Bushwick. He is forever grateful to all the figures of inspiration, support and guidance along the way and wishes to give back that light in class.

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Maggie Stapleton

Vinyasa, Kids Yoga

Maggie is a native New Yorker, teaching vinyasa yoga throughout the boroughs since 2012 when she completed her 200-hour training at Yoga To The People. She is also certified to teach children's yoga through Om Schooled since March 2014. In the not-so-distant future, she hopes to complete her 500-hour training at the Dharma Yoga Center in NYC. She feels so grateful to call Daya her home.

The practice of yoga not only connects Maggie to her place in the universe but to all living beings. Inspired by the teachings of Dharma yoga, Maggie’s classes incorporate pranayama, mentally and physically challenging asana, and deep meditation. She believes that compassion towards the Self and others is essential to embody the spirit of yoga, both on the mat and in all areas of life.

When Maggie isn’t teaching or practicing, she is doing work towards her master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from SUNY Downstate Medical Center. With her training in anatomy and movement, she hopes to help both children and adults heal themselves.

OM Shanti.

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Nikki Patrick

Ashtanga, Rocket Yoga

Nikki teaches yoga to connect with the world around her. Yoga teaches her to be unapologetically herself and likes to see students grow towards that. At first she had an on and off relationship with yoga for years until one day she realized that within the four corners of her yoga mat laid a forest of freedom. From there she embarked on the journey of a 200 hour teacher training, 50 hour Rocket yoga training and a life changing trip to Mysore, India. She learned that no matter what your going through showing up on your mat routinely will change the way you interact with life itself. . That no matter how new or advanced you are in the yoga world there is endless knowledge to learn and grow from on and off your mat. She has a deep love for traditional Ashtanga, fast paced Rocket and slow flow Vinyasa. Nikki loves to watch students evolve into their own best teacher.

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Nikki Lopez

Rocket Yoga

A native New Yorker, Nikki has been so lucky and grateful to learn from many eclectic teachers in the yoga world. Thankful for and committed to following the lineages of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and Bhakti yoga, Nikki has completed a 500 hour teacher training with Raghunath and Sondra Loring, 200 hour Ashtanga and Rocket Yoga training with David Kyle in Puerto Rico, and has established a consistent practice under the guidance of Dharma Mittras head teacher Yoshio Hama. Greatly influenced by the Ashtanga method, she has a daily practice of traditional Mysore style with Alex Shatzberg at New Vibe Yoga, but also deeply values Bhakti yoga, incorporating harmonium, mantra and meditation in her classes. Delivering a strong physical practice that begins by softening the heart with song, she encourages her students to absolve themselves of fear and to find that through continuous devotion and love, one may return to a natural state of pure bliss. Offering instruction in Ashtanga, Rocket, Dharma style, Bhakti and pranayama to all levels, Nikki looks forward to serving her community by sharing the light of yoga and helping others find their path to the divine within.

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David Rome

Rocket, Hatha, Vinyasa

Enjoy a challenge and celebrate the many ways that your practice can grow in David’s fast-paced rocket class. By drawing from his broad background of other teaching styles, including hot hatha, power vinyasa, and restorative yoga, David will find ways to address your weaknesses and explore your capabilities, regardless of your strength, flexibility, or experience. Study yourself, learn from your classmates’ experience, and smile. While you do that, David might share an idea or two with you. Come ready to sweat and open to new possibilities.

David has been teaching in New York City since 2009, with some brief stints on the West Coast. His passion for philosophy and linguistics have long informed his teaching. David loves Bushwick and is eager to get to know the community here at Daya. He is grateful for this opportunity to share what he's learned with you.

Follow David's Instagram @DavidDownTree for thoughts and updates on his classes.

DayaYoga - Instructors
Katie Cercone

Yin, Reiki + Restore, Gentle Flow

Katie Cercone has been practicing yoga for seventeen years. Originally from Santa Rosa, California, she became a certified yoga instructor in 2011 at Namaste Yoga & Tranquility Center in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Her approach to teaching incorporates Divine Feminine principles and views asanas (poses) as tools for deep transformation and mind-body-spirit balance. A regular practitioner of Kundalini yoga, some of her classes incorporate elements of Kundalini pranayama (breath work), chanting and meditation. Katie is Reiki 1 certified and incorporates light healing touch into her classes. In addition to teaching Hatha Vinyasa style yoga Katie is an interdisciplinary artist, writer and co-leader of the radical feminist collective Go! Push Pops. Katie has led Yoga & Sacred Arts workshop with Go! Push Pops internationally including recent projects in Japan and the UK.

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Nikki Ortiz

Vinyasa, Power Yoga

Nikki Ortiz took her first yoga class in New York and was immediately draw the yoga’s feeling of liberation. She is a certified 200 hour Vinyasa teacher, and she has studied under Jared McCann for several years. Under his guidance and coaching, Nikki went on to become the New York regional asana champion. Yoga reminds her that the body is a bridge that leads to something higher; each asana pose has the ability to lead students to perfect stillness and peace, marrying their body and soul. Nikki specialized in flexibility training, and teaches students how to use proper technique and alignment to develop their flexibility. She always says that you don’t need to be flexible to practice yoga; in fact, she herself spent years working on her strength in order to tap more deeply into her flexibility. Her classes are filled with encouragement, heart, and grace.

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Carmina Rodriguez


Carmina’s yogic journey began as a way to quiet the mind and gain flexibility in her body. From the moment she was able to touch her toes for the first time in her life, yoga has grown to be one of her deepest passions and continues to evolve with the ebb and flow of life. She believes that yoga has a magical healing power in which she wishes to share its abundant gifts with everyone around her. In Spring 2016, she completed her 200-hour teacher training at Daya Yoga Studio and is infinitely grateful for her amazing teachers and beautiful community. Carmina's overall intention for her classes is to create a safe space for students to reconnect to their bodies, hearts, and minds through movement, breath technique, patience, and love that will in turn bring about a meaningful life, beginning on the mat and beyond.

DayaYoga - Instructors
Madeline Thompson


Inspired by the mantra, “Your practice is a privilege,” Madeline strives to bring this awareness onto the mat. After years of practice and developing a parallel lifestyle, Madeline completed her 200-hour intensive yoga certification at Daya Yoga Studio. To appreciate the privilege, she structures each practice in the order of breath, intention and asana. Join the flow!