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Ania Lesniak


Anna believes that passion is what makes life beautiful and interesting. Born and raised in a small mountain village in Poland, came to NYC in a year 2000. Yoga has been part of her life since than. Became a yoga instructor 3 years ago trained by JhonT in Atmananda Sequence in NY. Teaches Yoga in English and Polish. Certified in Reiki Level 1, currently studying with Yoga Sukhavati, Leigh Evans and Summer Quashie., learning Ayurveda and elements of Chinese Medicine, with the focus on woman's health. . Capoeira became her lifestyle 7 years ago danced salsa for 3 years in Lorenz Latin Dance Studio. Graduated from La Guardia Community College with a Fine Arts and Commercial Photography Associate Degree.
Last year Anna became an owner of a studio she was teaching at. This year with help of all the other instructors listed here Daya Yoga Studio was born.

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Meghan Conway


Meghan first found yoga while filling a college credit. She was immediately intrigued and began exploring the world of yoga.
College led Meghan into the fast paced fashion industry, where she looked to her yoga practice as a place of solitude and sanity. She soon realized how the soulful impact of Yoga had transformed her outlook on life. Deciding to fully immerse herself in study, Meghan left the fashion industry, and made her way to the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, a Yoga Alliance certified school. There, she studied under Coby Kozlowski and Randal Williams during their month long 200 hr Yoga teacher training program. She connected with the compassionate Kripalu practice and began to integrate Kripalu in with her Vinyasa Flow.
Truly understanding the stress of city life, Meghan returned to Brooklyn, more motivated than ever to spread the light and positivity that Yoga has to offer.
In her Kripalu Vinyasa classes, she combines the inward, meditative, compassionate Kripalu approach and marries it with the free flow and fluidity of Vinyasa. Expect some playful free flow, and blissful meditation.
Meghan’s goal is to spread her love and Kripalu to the community!

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Ambika's yoga journey started at age nine, when she lived with her parents in an ashram in the Himalayas for a year and a half. Since that time she feels a deep connection with nature and has developed a great love for spiritual music and art. After practicing asana for over ten years, in 2011 Ambika received her yoga teacher training and certificate at Ananda Ashram. Since then she has been sharing the healing power of yoga through her hatha vinyasa yoga classes, which include pranayama, Sanskrit chanting, yoga philosophy and elements of yoga nidra and meditation.

Om Shantih

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Carlos Vazquez


Coming soon

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Maria Patete

Zumba and Dance Instructor

Hey, I'm Maria Patete and I love to teach Zumba classes!

At a young age, I started my training in ballet, jazz, tap, modern and hip-hop at my local studio (check out my class schedule, I teach there now at That's Dancin'!) I was instantly hooked! During my teenage years I began assistant teaching and eventually teaching my own classes, allowing me to share the joy of dance with my students.

Zumba has created a new dance experience with an adult student base. It's the most fun way to get fit, stay active and healthy. Let the rhythm move you as I guide you through an hour long cardio dance session. Previous training allows me to clearly communicate movements so all you have to do is follow along and have fun!

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Kelley Vogelin


Kelley’s alignment based vinyasa classes promote awareness of the connection between the breath, the mind, and the body. She teaches to provide a space where her students are challenged yet encouraged to feel grounded, have gratitude, and find balance. Kelley received her advanced yoga certification and training at Greenhouse Holistic under the tutelage of Leigh Evans and Summer Quashie. Kelley... is also Yoga Alliance certified in Iyengar based Prenatal Yoga. She received her 85 hour training through Sacred Shape with Summer Quashie and James Bae. She remains ever grateful for their compassion, knowledge, and love. She also thanks all of her teachers, friends, and family who have have forever changed, humbled, and inspired her life. Kelley hopes to perpetuate all she has learned, as well as awareness and compassion, both on and off the mat.

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Emily has been practicing Yoga for over 10 years and was certified by Atmananda Sequence in 2010. Her Yoga practice began as a form of exercise but has transformed into an important part of her lifestyle. She is furthering her practice and teaching with an apprenticeship at Jai Yoga Arts. Emily is also working on her Masters in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Her Vinyasa classes focus on alignment and breath work. Masters in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Her Vinyasa classes focus on alignment and breath work.

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Candice Hammack


Candice Hammack

Candice first found yoga close to 6 years ago and has been captured by both
Vinyasa flow and Ashtanga Yoga. In practice, the principles of
non-judgment, non-attachment, and surrender continue to guide her along the
sacred path of yoga. The practice of yoga and sharing of yoga through
teaching has created abundance and luminosity in her life and continues to
ripple and reach all who embark on the practice of yoga.

Candice incorporates diversity, change, a bit of perspiration, and
unpredictability into her classes, yet maintaining a stable and safe
environment for students of all ages and levels to find their truth and

She completed her 200-hour teacher training at Dharma Yoga of Austin in
2008. In 2011, she completed Dharma Yoga's 100-hr extended teacher
training. Through various workshops and trainings, she believes the
strongest guidance and truest inspiration comes directly from the
practitioner, approaching the mat with integrity, devotion, an open mind,
and an open heart.

Aside from yoga, painting, art, cooking, psychology, travel, reading, and
people are all things that continue to teach and harmonize her life.

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Roque L. Rodriguez comes from an athletic background. He has been involved with Movement and Excercise of all kinds including but not limited to Tae Kwon Do, wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, salsa dance, basketball, football, and distance running.

He completed the 200 hour teacher training at Yoga To The People in 2009 and has been teaching ever since! Never being content in his thirst for knowledge he is currently completing his 500 hour Yoga Teacher Certification at Ishta Yoga. Roque teaches a vigorous, compassionate Hatha, Vinyasa blend with an emphasis on the breath and awareness of the self.

Through his personal practice he has come to see that yoga is the most effective tool for self-discovery, pain/injury manegment, clear and effective thinking, strengthening and maintaining ones over all physique and balancing the mental and emotional status of anyone who practices.

Roque L. Rodriguez is also passionate about people. He LOVES people! He believes yoga, like life, is about finding balance. He has brought yoga into the lives of many friends and loved ones and wants to touch as many lives as he can. He believes that yoga is for everyone and is enthusiastic about helping people develop their own practice!