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Therapeutic Acrobatic Partner Yoga Sunday October 26th, 4-6pm

Sunday October 26th, 4-6pm

With Kripalu 500hr Yoga Teacher:
Stephen Masullo

Come and play with the subtle forms of communication, trust, surrender, and the power of connection. The workshop starts by warming the body through a dynamic flow connecting partners through breath and movement. From there move into groups of three to take flight in therapeutic inverted partner postures.

Therapeutic flying involves one person (the base) supporting a partner (the flyer) on their feet while guiding them through therapeutic stretches in a Thai Yoga inspired fashion. It combines the healing power of massage through touch with the powerful practice of surrender and trust. In a fun and supported space, experience how the use of gravity lengthens the spine and releases muscle tension. These therapeutic postures are a fun way to help connect with and assist a partner in the release of daily tension.

All welcome, both long time practitioners and first time students. Receive detailed instructions and demonstrations to explore space and gravity in new dimensions.

$30 Early Sign Up
$40 At the Door

Sign Up:
More Info:
Acro yoga

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Reiki Training Level 1

Reiki Training Level 1 with Corinne Feinberg

11/1/2014 6-8pm – Saturday

11/12/2014 4-8pm – Sunday


Learn to be a channel for healing energy with Usui/Tibetan Reiki Level 1 training at Daya Yoga. If you are looking for something else to incorporate into your yoga practice, or have been seeking knowledge of a healing modality that’s non-invasive, gentle, and deeply relaxing, then delve deeper on your path with Reiki energy healing.

Level 1 focuses on self-treatments, treatments on others, and how to set up your own Reiki business. Intuitive listening, muscle testing, and knowledge of the energy body are topics that are covered to aid in self-awareness and spiritual growth.


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Yoga + Movement After School Program for KIDS

Bring your young ones to play at Daya!

Our children live in the hurried world of busy parents, school pressures, video games, and competitive sports. Yoga and movement can help counter these pressures in a nourishing, playful space. Children will learn techniques for encouraging self-health, relaxation, inner fulfillment, self-esteem and body awareness with non-competitive physical activity.

Wednesday – YOGA Day @ 4pm
$10 per class or $50 for 2 months


Our 60 minute class is designed to release all that after school energy in a productive, fun, stress free way. This program focuses on healthy bodies, stress control, self-esteem, and greater concentration. The kids will go through a series of poses and postures leaving them feel stronger, more flexible, confident, and relaxed!

12 kids max per class. Ages 7-12 (exceptions can be made if a child is younger, adult has to be present in the room)

7 weeks session/semester: One yoga class per week
November: 5,12,19,26th / December: 3,10,17th

Saturday – CAPOEIRA Day @ 4pm
$10 per class or $50 for 2 months


Boys and girls love capoeira! It’s is a Brazilian martial art that teaches not only elements of movement and discipline, but also incorporates music and dance. Children will learn how to play instruments, sing songs and some basic Portuguese language. Students interact together and learn from one other.
Ages 7 and up.

8 weeks session/semester: One Capoeira class per week
November: 1,8,15,22,29th / December: 6,13,20th

To register call 917-561-2717 or email

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Expression Sessions – Free Workshop – October 12th, Sunday 4pm

libbie We begin with a group meditation to ground the space, and transition into creative movement exercises to inspiring grooves exploring a theme designed to open the heart. We cool down with a writing and sharing session where poets and dancers engage in improv collaboration. The sessions will birth nu collaborations + inspire movers + poets to think differently about their processes. All levels of experience welcome!

Free Workshop – Donations welcomed :)

Any questions? Please contact

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Verbal awareness Sunday, October 5th 4-6pm

Talking yourself and others into existence


Sunday October 5th, 4-6pm

The latest discovery of the Russian scientist proves, what yogis always new, that human voice has a direct influence on the human body. What scientists call junk DNA, about 90% of all human DNA, responds to vibration of human voice and it is just waiting for directions of what to become (tumor, cancer or catalizator of healing and reconstruction).
*Learn about your verbal habits and how to change them
*Learn how to save life with the right words in an emergency situation.

Hosted by Professional Hypnotherapy Practice

Handouts with all information and science sources will be provided.
$25 /participant

to register:

call 718 406 7912
or email

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People’s Climate March


This Sunday something important is happening.  Tens of thousands of people – mothers, daughters, anarchists, ministers, scientists, stockbrokers, artists, grandparents, immigrants, refugees, children, activists, and labor unions; your teachers and your students and your friends and your family – are marching together.  We are marching for many reasons.  We are marching out of fear, out of determination, out of love and hope.  We are marching with the knowledge that the health and balance of our world is at the tipping point, that our global ecosystem is on the verge of collapse, and that we and our leaders are not just letting it happen, we’re making it happen.

And we are responsible for the solution.

We here at Daya Yoga would like to encourage those of you in our community in Bushwick and Ridgewood and anywhere in New York to join us at the People’s Climate March on September 21st.  We encourage you to add your voice and your body and the love and the strength that you cultivate every day in your yoga practice and in your life to the collective voice.  Together we will call for meaningful, intentional change.

In the Ramayana, Rama’s brother Laksmana is wounded, and in true epic fashion his only hope of survival is a rare herb found only in the heights of the Himalayas. It falls on Hanuman’s shoulders to retrieve the herb and save Laksmana’s life.

But Hanuman is a monkey god, not a botanist, and he has no idea how to identify this herb.  He’s from the jungles of the South, after all, and the plants of the Himalayas are unfamiliar to him.  He fumbles, he doubts.  Then he decides that he’ll just bring Laksmana the whole mountain.

When Hanuman realizes the scope of his power, his commitment, and his strength, he discovers he can literally move a mountain. And in doing so, he saves Laksmana’s life.

A contingent of yogis will be marching at the parade.  They will meet at 9 am between 82nd and 83rd Stpeoples-climate-marchreets on Central Park West to chant, meditate, and practice asana in preparation for the event.  Daya Yoga Bushwick invites you to join them.

Together we can move mountains.


For more information, go to


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108 Sun Salutations – Last Day of Summer Celebration – September 21st, Sunday at 12pm

The Autumn Equinox is a point of union and balance between the Light and the Dark, between Fire and Water, between the Yang and the Yin.

Lets Celebrate with a vigorous Yang practice before moving from outward achievement to inner reflection and contemplation(Yin)

All together we will do 108 Sun Salutations followed by long Shavasana

lead by Ania Lesniak

For more info:
or 7184067912


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