This month at the studio

Earth Day Farm and Yoga Retreat at Growing Heart Farm

April 24th – 26th
Awaken the inner gardener with philospohies and practices used to empower us.
Sliding scale $200 – $250 for the ENTIRE weekend!
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Spring Buddy Special

spring flyer (1) (1)
With a purchase of membership
Bring a friend and each of you get a WEEK of FREE yoga!
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Intuitive Movement Workshop with Susannah Simpson

April 19th
6 – 8:30pm
Moving through Intuition, Meditation, and deep, deep Pleasure
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Earth Day Celebration

earths day
Free Yoga and Breakfast in the Park!
April 22nd
8 am – Free Yoga Class with Ania in Maria Hernandez Park
Breakfast followed with a discussion.
Environmental wake-up call.
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Introspection – Carlos Vazquez


This workshop is about working in the alignment of forward bends and exploring the introspection process that these asanas produce in the body.

The workshop will consists of :
Asana practice
Alignment of the basic forward bending asanas
Preparation for meditation.

Sunday, May 3rd, 5:30-8

Preregistration $20/ $25 day at the door

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Awaken to Breath of Joy!


Sunday April 26th 5:30-7:30

We breathe on average 17,280 times a day(wow)! That means we have so many chances to transform ourselves daily! Every exhale is a chance to let go of something that is holding you back and every inhale is an invitation to step into something new and exciting.

Breath can make us ecstatic, calm, peaceful, and in love with life. In the spirit of the springtime, in this workshop we will explore laughter yoga and breathwork as a way to access this full range of emotions. We will use our breath to purge out the winter doldrums and to plant the seeds of new growth. Through breathing and laughter we will see inside of ourselves and reconnect with our essential radiance and wild serenity!

We will begin the workshop with a sacred circle to set out intentions for the spring, clarify what hard lessons we learned during the winter, and devise a plan for spiritual spring cleaning we need to do. This will be followed by laughter yoga movement exercises that will awaken radiant joy and deep breathing.

The final part of the workshop will be a restorative group breathwork session set to a peaceful soundtrack. Linnea will hold a safe space for you to open up to your inner cosmic bliss body(Anandamaya Kosha), and assist in healing with singing bowls, sweet music, healing touch, and essential oils.

No previous experience necessary. You can be a brand new student of spirituality or a deeply engaged witch or yogi.

Come ready to have fun!

$20 Presale / $25 day of

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Intuitive Workshop with Susannah Simpson

SusannaLet us rethink what “dance” means. Regardless of training, body type, profession, disposition, and ability, the exploration of movement has the potential to be a deeply illuminating and empowering practice for everyone, both personally and collectively.

This workshop is made to be a nurturing container to grow and explore in. Through moving, we are shown new ways of being, not just in our physical bodies, but in the rest of our lives, and the world at large, if we choose to be open to the messages swimming just beneath the surface of our skin. The amorphous and delicious practice of DANCE can offer new, unforeseen passages to the mental, emotional, and psycho-spiritual, giving us tools and permission to boldly walk down new corridors of our beings and see more deeply into the world within and around us.

Let’s support each other in deepening our experiences as individual beings and as a community. We will work with guided improvisation, drawing, writing, image-based exploration, moving meditation, and exercises drawn from Butoh, Authentic Movement, and other somatic means of exploring the body’s wisdom. Can’t wait to co-create with you!

Sunday, April 19th 6 – 8:30pm

$15 pre-register
$20 day of event

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