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Summer Farm and Yoga Retreat at Growing Heart Farm // August 21-23rd

daCelebrate Summer with us before it ends!

August 21-23rd

On the last visit to the Farm we learn how to get ready for spring and plant seeds. This time we will learn to harvest what the Mother Earth gave us.

We offer:
Yoga lessons with Meghan, Ania and Carlos.
Meditation at Sunrise
Organic Food from the Farm prepared according to Ayurveda by our private chef
Hiking, Work in Field and
along with all that retreaters spend time on this organic farm for lessons in alternative energy, composting, and eco-friendly eating.
Workshops will be hosted by Sean Roulan one of the amazing people who makes the Growing Heart Farm grow.
Days end with Bonfire!


Camping — early bird( until July 31) — $330 / $360 after
Room ——– early bird( until July 31) — $350 / $400 after

People who attended the Spring Retreat get discounted price.

Price does dat include the transportation
Space is Limited.
Option to visit for a day as well.

To register contact:

Ania at
Meghan at
or call 718 406 7912 for more info

Link to the Farm’s Website

if you want to make a little research.

Hosted by Daya Yoga Studio


Summer retreat

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Face the Future with Open Heart with Carlos and Alexis – Backbends

Led by Daya Yoga Studio very own Carlos Vazquez!!

This workshop explores the emotional and physical aspects of back bends. We will learn the right alignment of these asanas and how to integrate them into our practice.
Backbends expose our vulnerability.
Teaching us to deal with that enables us to face the future with an open heart.

Sunday // July 26th
4 – 7pm

$20 pre register
$25 day of event_-29

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1 Year Anniversary of Daya Yoga in Bushwick

Come Celebrate with us!

This Friday, July 10th


It was year 2014, when nobody in Bushwick have yet heard of kripalu flow, yoga with life music or tantra. And there were no red hair fairies, giants, elves and witches. It was that year when the whole love affair started.

A year ago Daya found new home in Bushwick.
A year ago Meghan and Ania had a glass of champaign as we would of just got married.

All the teachers of Daya, all the Students, all the people of the community come celebrate, share stories, give hugs and met the lovely people who practice next to you on the mat.
***Doors Open @ 8pm
***Live Music @ 9pm
***Gypsy Jazz ~Tyler Hazui and Blake Boyer ~
***Vegan Food
***and more
We can dance and play till the sun comes out….. and Kiersten starts teaching Yin:)daya

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Big, Bold, Brave…

Irebeccat’ll be a year on July 10th that I left my “normal” and “stable” job to spend as much time as I could living my dreams, pursuing my passions and living my boldest, bravest life.

My plan when I left my job was simple: follow my heart and my dreams wherever they led me until I ran out of money and had to go back to the “real” world. In about a week, I will have made it a year.

In the last year, I’ve heard almost everything a responsible person might say to one who quits her job in her 30s: “It’s just a quarter life crisis….what are you going to do?…what about retirement? You’re having an Eat-Pray-Lovemoment, aren’t you? You’re like Cheryl Strayed in Wild!…”. These last two are perhaps my favorite, because, although I highly respect Elizabeth Gilbert and Cheryl Strayed and feel honored that others see my journey as inspiring as theirs, I hadn’t gotten a divorce and I wasn’t depressed (in Ms. Gilbert’s case) and I hadn’t gone into a drug-induced stupor because my mother had recently died (in Ms. Strayed case).

I had simply decided I wanted to change my life…and so I did. And I’ve learned a few things in the last year of living my dreams:

1) This shit is scary…and hard! Not a day has gone by that I wasn’t scared shitless at some point. I’m constantly terrified that I’ve made the wrong decision, that I’m going to end up in massive debt, that I don’t know what my next source of income is, that my heart is leading me in the wrong direction, that I’m not sure where my heart was leading me. Getting to know yourself and your dreams and then living them is just about the scariest thing in the world.

2) But it’s so worth it. I have never been happier. I understand myself, the people around me and the universe in ways I never knew I could…or knew was even possible. Almost every day I have at least one moment where I say to myself, “ah, that’s it. This is what I’ve been chasing…bliss!” In the six years prior, I had very few moments of perfect bliss. It’s amazing to experience them daily now.

3) People are judgmental…and I used to be one of them (and I suppose I still can be at times). A month into this adventure, I went on a hike with a friend. About two years before (when I was still doing the “normal” thing), she had left her exciting, well-paying job. She took a few months off and went back to work part-time at a simpler job. I had been terrified for her. I asked, “How was she going to make this work? What was she going to do with her time?”. By the time of our hike, she had settled into her life nicely, and I had started to admire her. She had gotten married and was pregnant with her first child (both of which had been dreams of hers). After we talked about her happiness and joy I asked, “What’s your husband think about you only working part-time?” She said, “He seems to understand that I’m happier when I work less.” It was that simple; the money didn’t matter, but her happiness did. Learning to not judge others for what makes them
happy is tricky but so important.

4) On the other hand, people are amazing. This has really come to me in two forms: the support from people I never thought would support me, and the pure, unadulterated, generosity of others. Looking back, the people I thought would have supported me the most have been some of the most judgmental. But the people I thought wouldn’t understand—my mom who worked at the same stable job for over 35 years, for example—have been my biggest champions. My mom may not have made the choices I have and she may not understand them, but she damn well supports my crazy dreams. Second, call it rooting for the underdog, or believing in other people’s dreams, but I have never known such kindness—from my loved ones and strangers alike. The retired couple living in rural New York that I met at a coffee shop who opened their home to me for a few days; the help I’ve gotten developing my business from friends and family; the friend of a friend on Facebook who let me crash on his couch while I attended an out-of-town conference. If you let them be, people are generous beyond measure. I couldn’t have made it through this year without them.

5) If you can do it, you are one of the luckiest people alive. Even if you only have a month or a few weeks, if you have the chance to go after your dreams and live a full life, do it. There are literally millions of people in this world who live in conditions—poverty, servitude, and wars, just to name a few—who will never be able to go after their dreams, who may not even know what a dream is (trust me, in my “normal” job I met many of them). If you have the ability to do it (and many of us in the West do), you owe it to them and to yourself to at least try going after your dreams because you a very, very lucky. So take that leap, dream big and live a big, bold and brave life.

here is the link to the original article

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DROGA in BROOKLYN, July 18th 7pm

With the intention to bring the practitioner into deep states of presence, Droga (drone+yoga) sets a comfortable and comforting restorative yoga sequence to live ambient music or drone. This is then overlaid with guided meditations and philosophical musings sourced from a diverse array of influences such as Vipassana, Camus, Lao-Tzu, and Crowley. What emerges is a contemporary ceremony that leads the mind towards relaxation, reflection, and expansion.

Facilitated by Alex Weinstein



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RAINBOW YOGA – Saturday, June 27th 7pm

Susannah Simpson will be leading a yoga class devoted to openness, sensuality, and delicious liberation, in celebration of PRIDE, focusing on tuning into our deepest impulses and desires, broadening our capacities to feel pleasure and harness acceptance, and owning our rights to live and love in alignment with our highest selves.

We will practice in candlelight and roller-rink discoball glow, accompanied by live, shimmering music by Kevin Pelrine and Collin ૐ Crowe. Afterwards we will be serving a raw, vegan, rainbow-colored feast concocted by the culinary genius Jan Woo!

Rainbow Yoga is a suggested donation $5-$15, and Rainbow Supper will be served for $7 a plate.

Please come join for any and all parts of the evening, we will lift each others beings and find new ways to understand and own our sexualities,, bodies, and bliss!

♥ Om Shanti Om Om! ♥pride

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Vission Boarding and Goal Setting with Rebecca Harris

Remember those New Years resolutions? Setting goals to change or enhance your life isn’t a one time a year thing, it’s a daily practice. Just like yoga! Join us for a unique series of workshops designed to help you create the life you want through vision boarding and goal setting.

Each Workshop Includes:

  • yoga beccaGuided Meditation
  • Get messy projects to help you dive in deep throughout art
  • Assistance in turning your vision into attainable goals
  • Strategies on how to stay on track between workshops
  • Support of the Daya community in reaching your vision & goals

June 21, September 20, December 13, & March 20 (register for one or all of them)

4 pm – 7 pm

$120 Prepay for all four sessions

$35 Prepay each workshop

$40 Day of workshop(s)

*includes supplies

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