This month at the studio

DROGA in BROOKLYN, July 18th 7pm

With the intention to bring the practitioner into deep states of presence, Droga (drone+yoga) sets a comfortable and comforting restorative yoga sequence to live ambient music or drone. This is then overlaid with guided meditations and philosophical musings sourced from a diverse array of influences such as Vipassana, Camus, Lao-Tzu, and Crowley. What emerges is a contemporary ceremony that leads the mind towards relaxation, reflection, and expansion.

Facilitated by Alex Weinstein



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RAINBOW YOGA – Saturday, June 27th 7pm

Susannah Simpson will be leading a yoga class devoted to openness, sensuality, and delicious liberation, in celebration of PRIDE, focusing on tuning into our deepest impulses and desires, broadening our capacities to feel pleasure and harness acceptance, and owning our rights to live and love in alignment with our highest selves.

We will practice in candlelight and roller-rink discoball glow, accompanied by live, shimmering music by Kevin Pelrine and Collin ૐ Crowe. Afterwards we will be serving a raw, vegan, rainbow-colored feast concocted by the culinary genius Jan Woo!

Rainbow Yoga is a suggested donation $5-$15, and Rainbow Supper will be served for $7 a plate.

Please come join for any and all parts of the evening, we will lift each others beings and find new ways to understand and own our sexualities,, bodies, and bliss!

♥ Om Shanti Om Om! ♥pride

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Vission Boarding and Goal Setting with Rebecca Harris

Remember those New Years resolutions? Setting goals to change or enhance your life isn’t a one time a year thing, it’s a daily practice. Just like yoga! Join us for a unique series of workshops designed to help you create the life you want through vision boarding and goal setting.

Each Workshop Includes:

  • yoga beccaGuided Meditation
  • Get messy projects to help you dive in deep throughout art
  • Assistance in turning your vision into attainable goals
  • Strategies on how to stay on track between workshops
  • Support of the Daya community in reaching your vision & goals

June 21, September 20, December 13, & March 20 (register for one or all of them)

4 pm – 7 pm

$120 Prepay for all four sessions

$35 Prepay each workshop

$40 Day of workshop(s)

*includes supplies

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Qi Gong and Internal Alchemy Workshop

balance..endurance..inspiration..synchronicity..driveAwaken untapped perceptions and your own potential cultivate your innate unique true WHOLE self nature.
Align your mind, body and spirit
Restore and recharge.Tammy Stackpoole will host this 4 series workshop on Qi Gong and Internal Alchemy.tammy

$30 per session
$100 full series in advance

In these monthly workshop sessions you’ll learn practical powerful tools for cleansing and aligning the energy systems of mind-body-spirit for you to take home. Each monthly session will build upon each other and upon your solo practice. Very powerful and many changes can occur from subtle and incremental to radical shift.


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Release + Remove. A Yin Yoga and Reiki Experience

Obstacles are an opportunity to grow.

They test you and make you question if you’re moving in the right direction. But the potential for growth and self-awareness from these obstacles is profound. Work through the road blocks standing in your way by moving inward, listening to physical sensations, and leaning into emotion.

Saturday, June 13th 6:30 – 8:30pm
$35 pre-registration*
$45 day-of event
*Email to pre-register
or visit

Daya Yoga
360 Jefferson St.
Brooklyn, NY 11237

About the workshop:
Yin Yoga teacher Kiersten Cregger and Reiki Master Corinne Feinberg combine a slow, introspective yoga practice with hands-on energy healing to create a safe environment for the exploration of self-awareness. This workshop encourages participants to get out of their heads and into their bodies, taking the time to be present with emotions and explore how they affect the physical body.yin and reiki

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Bodyroll with Viva Soudan

Bodyroll with Viva Soudan @Daya Yoga Studio
Saturday, June 6th
Sweat, laugh, workout like crazy and have fun!!

viva. Incorporating hip-hop, jazz, cardio dance, and sports drills into easy to follow routines and signature moves (“gimme face”, “pony slap”, “pop star”) the Bodyroll Workout translates into Diva Dance Floor Domination!
But Bodyroll isn’t just a workout, it’s a whole new attitude! Viva’s bodyrollerz are encouraged to pump up the jam, empower each other and revolutionize what it means to be a ‘flygirl’ in the new millennium. Classes consist of the following sections: Warm-up (isolations & bodyrolls), Aerobic Realness, Booty Poppin Bootcamp, Jazz Attack & Diva Dance Floor Domination (choreography). Bodyroll motto? You’ve got to tone it to own it. Now let’s get sweat and Bodyroll!

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Morning Ashtanga

Ashtanga Yoga is a system of yoga transmitted to the modern world by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009). This method of yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures—a process producing intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. The result is improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind.


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