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MUDRA WORKSHOP for Shakti Power & Awareness -Saturday, September 19th, 4:30pm

MUDRA WORKSHOP for Shakti Power & Awareness

Mudras, which have the sanskrit roots “to be liked” and “to lighten/brighten up” are hand gestures used during asanas, meditation, prayer and sacred dance said to delight the deities. Often overlooked in classic vinyasa settings, these powerful and ancient symbols speak the poetry of the earth and creation expressed pictorally with the hands. Coming out of the Tantric Tradition honoring the beauty of Shakti power, sensuality and awareness, mudras are meant to “seal”an asana and carry-out its full expression. In this simple, hands on workshop activating over 35 sub chakras in the hands we will learn mudras for planetary awareness, receptivity, transformation our of suffering, death of the ego, transcendental knowing, ancestral communion, sexual and digestive health and overall mind-body balance and wellness.
Preregistration $20
Day of the Event $25

Katie Cercone has been practicing yoga for sixteen years. Originally from Santa Rosa, California, she became a certified yoga instructor in 2011 at Namaste Yoga & Tranquility Center in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Katie believes yoga is a powerful healing modality and potent source of consciousness-raising worldwide. Her approach to teaching incorporates energetic principles and views asanas (poses) as tools for infiinte transformation and mind-body balance. A regular practitioner of Kundalini yoga, some of her classes incorporate elements of Kundalini breath work and meditation. Katie is also a Reiki 1 Healer and incorporates light healing touch into her classes. In addition to teaching Hatha Vinyasa style yoga Katie is an interdisciplinary artist, writer and co-leader of the radical feminist collective Go! Push Pops.

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Baby and Me Workshop

Baby and Me Workshop
Join us for a Baby and me postnatal workshop on unnamed-1Sunday, August 30th @4:30pm with Orion Sky and Christina.

She’ll be sharing her personal experience from maidenhood to motherhood, pregnancy and beyond. We’ll also be practicing some yoga with our babies. All babies and mothers past 40 weeks are welcome, nursing and baby wearing is welcome and encouraged, bring whatever you need to make you and your baby comfortable and happy.

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Inversion Immersion with Jess Allen

Spend the afternoon exploring the asana practice that encourage us to take flight, flipping your perspective and rjess 3eaching great heights.

Starting with a juicy flow, rolling into a deepening of inversion techniques topped off with some partner work to lift one another up.


Early Bird  $20

$25 at the door

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Film Screening – : “The Golden People are all of Us”

A Tupi Guarani’s myth of the creation of the world. A conductor of an orchestra of young Germans. A musical gathering, social, cultural. The power of myth and the implementation of the language barrier through music. When two phases of a same creation meet…..

golden pepleFilm by an amazing Brazilian director Cecilia Engels

August 14th, Friday 8pm


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Summer Farm and Yoga Retreat at Growing Heart Farm // August 21-23rd

daCelebrate Summer with us before it ends!

August 21-23rd

On the last visit to the Farm we learn how to get ready for spring and plant seeds. This time we will learn to harvest what the Mother Earth gave us.

We offer:
Yoga lessons with Meghan, Ania and Carlos.
Meditation at Sunrise
Organic Food from the Farm prepared according to Ayurveda by our private chef
Hiking, Work in Field and
along with all that retreaters spend time on this organic farm for lessons in alternative energy, composting, and eco-friendly eating.
Workshops will be hosted by Sean Roulan one of the amazing people who makes the Growing Heart Farm grow.
Days end with Bonfire!


Camping — early bird( until July 31) — $330 / $360 after
Room ——– early bird( until July 31) — $350 / $400 after

People who attended the Spring Retreat get discounted price.

Price does dat include the transportation
Space is Limited.
Option to visit for a day as well.

To register contact:

Ania at
Meghan at
or call 718 406 7912 for more info

Link to the Farm’s Website
if you want to make a little research.

Hosted by Daya Yoga Studio


Summer retreat

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Face the Future with Open Heart with Carlos and Alexis – Backbends

Led by Daya Yoga Studio very own Carlos Vazquez!!

This workshop explores the emotional and physical aspects of back bends. We will learn the right alignment of these asanas and how to integrate them into our practice.
Backbends expose our vulnerability.
Teaching us to deal with that enables us to face the future with an open heart.

Sunday // July 26th
4 – 7pm

$20 pre register
$25 day of event_-29

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1 Year Anniversary of Daya Yoga in Bushwick

Come Celebrate with us!

This Friday, July 10th


It was year 2014, when nobody in Bushwick have yet heard of kripalu flow, yoga with life music or tantra. And there were no red hair fairies, giants, elves and witches. It was that year when the whole love affair started.

A year ago Daya found new home in Bushwick.
A year ago Meghan and Ania had a glass of champaign as we would of just got married.

All the teachers of Daya, all the Students, all the people of the community come celebrate, share stories, give hugs and met the lovely people who practice next to you on the mat.
***Doors Open @ 8pm
***Live Music @ 9pm
***Gypsy Jazz ~Tyler Hazui and Blake Boyer ~
***Vegan Food
***and more
We can dance and play till the sun comes out….. and Kiersten starts teaching Yin:)daya

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