This month at the studio

Yoga for Runners and Bikers

This workshop is geared toward Bikers and Runners but open to all!

Running and biking have been described by many as acts of “meditation in motion”. Both require us to cultivate an awareness of our bodies, ourselves and the world around us. We zone out, we go in, witnessing our patterns and our physical and mental edges and potential.

Come join ex-pedicab driver, long time runner and biker Liz Post and learn about how to balance the practice of Yoga with Running and Biking, physically and mentally. Learn poses that help stretch and strengthen certain muscles in the body and help aid and prevent injuries and how to get the most out of your Running, Biking, and Yoga Practice.

This workshop will incorporate lecture, discussion, break downs of asanas, meditation and a short practice intended for you to incorporate into your daily routine.

June 25 3-5pm

$30 pre-registration
$35 Day of

more information here.

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Medicina de Amor Workshop // June 5th!

Sunday June 5th 3-5pm

Join Caity Flanagan, herbalist, healer, and founder of love and alchemy ( for a sensuous evening of meditation and medicine making. Explore the use of sacred plants and stones as allies for mending broken hearts, aids in helping us to find the courage to love again, and
warriors that call us forth to love wildly and abundantly. Part meditation, part hands on medicine making, and full of love. You’ll walk away with an overview of 10 powerful healing plants and stones, the opportunity to create your own “love potion”, and a deeper sense of connection to your heart and to others.

Please RSVP by emailing

Pre Register $30
Day of Event $3512036475_873550332772829_7471236168432345917_n

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Free info Session to become a Yoga Teacher

Friday June 17th 6-7pm

This is a FREE Information Session to learn more about our
1 month intensive 200 Hour Teacher Training Certification Program.
Yoga Alliance Registered School of Yoga (RYS-200 Hour)
Fall 2016 Program:
October 14th – November 13th
With Lead Instructors Anna Lesniak, Meghan Conway and and other amazing teachers.
Early Bird Tuition: $2500 (paid in full by end of May 2016)
Full Tuition: $3000
Installments Plans available
Workstudy Discount available
This free Info Session will include information and answer questions about teacher training including the program schedule, curriculum, core modules, guest faculty, the mentorship program and more.
Meet the Instructors:
Ania Lesniak
Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga
Anna believes that passion and compassion is what makes life beautiful and interesting. Born and raised in a small mountain village in Poland, came to NYC in a year 2000. Yoga has been part of her life since than. Became a yoga instructor in 2008 under JhonT in Atmananda Yoga school in NY. Teaches Yoga in English and Polish. Certified in Reiki Level 1, currently studying with Yoga Sukhavati, Leigh Evans and Summer Quashie. Ayurveda and elements of Chinese Medicine, with the focus on woman’s health. Capoeira became her lifestyle, salsa and swing heals her soul.
As the universe wanted Anna became the owner of a studio she was teaching at. In 2009 the original Daya Yoga Studio was born at the Onderdonk location. In 2014 Meghan and Ania became partners, studio has a new home now where we are all very happy.
Anna’s classes are challenging, (open to all the levels), with the emphasis on building strength and stamina.
Discipline and consistency is the key.
Safety, alignment and working towards healing injuries is the goal.
Lately Ania finds her inspiration in Ashtanga and nature..
Meet Meghan Conway
Kripalu Flow
Meghan first found yoga while filling a college credit. She was immediately intrigued and began exploring the world of yoga.
College led Meghan into the fast paced fashion industry, where she looked to her yoga practice as a place of solitude and sanity. She soon realized how the soulful impact of Yoga had transformed her outlook on life. Deciding to fully immerse herself in study, Meghan left the fashion industry, and made her way to the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, a Yoga Alliance certified school. There, she studied under Coby Kozlowski and Randal Williams during their month long 200 hr Yoga teacher training program. She connected with the compassionate Kripalu practice and began to integrate Kripalu in with her Vinyasa Flow.
Truly understanding the stress of city life, Meghan returned to Brooklyn, more motivated than ever to spread the light and positivity that Yoga has to offer.
In her Kripalu Vinyasa classes, she combines the inward, meditative, compassionate Kripalu approach and marries it with the free flow and fluidity of Vinyasa. Expect some playful free flow, and blissful meditation.
Meghan’s goal is to spread her love and Kripalu to the community!


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Immersive Sound Bath : With the music of Tom Montagliano and Jenn Grossman

This experience will bring listeners on a journey inward through ambient soundscapes designed for 8-channels. As sound has been used for healing purposes since ancient times, this sound bath will use recorded sound and electronic music rather than traditional ancient instruments like gongs, singing bowls and tuning forks.

Seated amidst a circle of speakers, participants will be able to absorb sonic vibrations from multiple directions, allowing the mind to wander towards a states of reflection, meditation and creativity and the body to be fully immersed within a relaxed environment.

June 24th 8pm-10pm

$10 Exchange

Artist Bios:

Jenn Grossman is a Brooklyn based experiential artist/composer working in sound and sensory media. Lingering somewhere between psychological, scientific and artistic approaches to exploring sound and music, she is drawn to the ways they heighten emotional, social, and sensory awareness, animate daily objects, bring a sense of the otherworldly to the mundane, and engage us in active modes of perception from the art gallery to the street. Recent creations have included multichannel sound/music installations, vocal explorations, public sound interventions, sound sculpture, video projection, and collaborative composing and sound designing for film and movement artists. She has installed works in venues such as MoMA PS1 Printshop, Harvestworks, Open Source Gallery, and the New York Transit Museum, participated in experimental performances at Reverse Gallery, Fridman Gallery, Knockdown Center, and Judson Memorial Church, and presented in festivals such as Lancaster University’s Women in Sound/Women on Sound Symposium, the Deep Listening Conference’s Cistern Dream session, the University of Amsterdam’s Sound Signatures Conference, NYU’s Sounds, Images, and Data Conference, OPENSIGNAL, the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival, and the Gallatin Arts Festival, amongst other unexpected transitory spaces.

Tom Montagliano is a spatial sound artist who has been doing sound baths and sound healing workshops in Brooklyn for the past year. His work focuses on creating electronic ambient compositions that explore the infinite possibilities that spatial sound offers. For more information on his work go to his website or listen to his music below.



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20 Female Yogapreneurs to Watch

20 Female Yogapreneurs to Watch

by Kristin Diversi
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We asked our community to share the names of female yogis who inspire them. Check out our list below and add your suggestions in the comments.

In a world that encourages following the paths laid before us, these women decided to pave new roads.

We chose 20 women who are changing the world one decision, one class, one word, one person at a time. And their effects are epic: Because of one woman on our list, underserved children now have access to yoga and mindfulness resources. One woman said goodbye to the life that had been laid before her and carved a new path, full of service and meditation, without knowing where it would take her. And yet another is standing up to long-held beliefs about bodies and beauty and redefining how we perceive ourselves as women, athletes, and yogis.

Separately, these “yogapreneurs” are changing their corners of the world through business, yoga, health, and art. Together, they are changing the way we participate in all of these things, and they are paving new roads for women everywhere.

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Jess Davis, Folk Rebellion
As founder and “Chief Rebel” of Folk Rebellion, Davis believes in the power of unplugging, which is why her lifestyle movement and brand is aimed at slower living and using technology more mindfully. Davis hopes Folk Rebellion will empower people with the knowledge and creativity necessary to inspire a simpler, happier—and screen-free—way of life.

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Payal Kadakia, ClassPass
Kadakia was already a successful entrepreneur before the launch of mind-body sensation ClassPass. As the CEO and co-founder she believes in creating a holistic life: Balancing your time, listening to yourself, and knowing what makes you happy. Kadakia believes that ClassPass will make users more happy by serving as a tool to help them find passions and pursue hobbies.

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Emma Mildon, The Spiritual PA
Mildon is a Spiritual Personal Assistant for your soul. Her goal is to help clients get their spiritual lives in order through helping them unearth their higher selves and purposes. She’s read all the scripts, tried all the methods, and—as The Spiritual PA—helps her clients find the ones that are best for them.

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Sophie Jaffe, Philosophie
Philosophie founder Jaffe is a health and wellness expert, as well as a raw food chef and yoga teacher. The goal of her company is to make it easier to attain “radiant wellness” through complete nutrition. Her products are vegan, raw, gluten-free, and full of whole, live, nutrient-rich foods.

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Mary Beth LaRue and Jacki Carr, Rock Your Bliss
Co-founders LaRue and Carr use a combination of yoga and coaching to help clients find sustainable, “ohmygodilovemylife bliss” in their lives. LaRue has also designed custom yoga programs for rehabilitation centers, homeless shelters, and the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles. She also serves as an instructor at Wanderlust Hollywood. Carr serves as a goal coach, public speaker, and personal brand consultant.

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Tamara Jones, Yoke
Jones, the founder of Yoke, a yoga and Ayurveda trade post, has created a beautiful line of Ayurvedic-based home goods that have been picked up by stores across the country, including Urban Outfitters. Her goods are ethically sourced, and Yoke works with organizations in sustainable development through their charitable foundation, the Yoke Global Giving Foundation.

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Caitlin Gottschalk, CTG Yoga
The founder of CTG Yoga used a play on a childhood nickname to come up with CTG, a company with the mantra “create the grace.” CTG creates mindfully made and artisanally sourced dry goods to inspire more graceful living. A portion of their profits are dedicated to bringing yoga and meditation classes to children in underserved schools through their foundation, The Mindfulness Movement.

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Ania Lesniak and Meghan Conway, Daya Yoga Studio
At this community-oriented Brooklyn studio, owners Lesniak and Conway are building a new approach to yoga through blending traditional Ashtanga-Vinyasa movement with Kripalu theory. Classes are offered in multiple languages, and meditation sessions are available by donation.

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Silvia Mordini, Writer, Happiness Coach, and Yoga Teacher
Dedicated to connecting people with their own joyful potential, Mordini does a bit of everything. She is a successful writer, with her book Happiness Prescriptions due out soon, as well an inspiring life coach with a dedicated following. Mordini has also designed a teacher training, Alchemy of Yoga, that is dedicated to the purpose of self-study.

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Corinne Wainer, SHAKTIBARRE
As CAO and co-founder of SHAKTIBARRE WOMEN’S COLLECTIVE, it’s Wainer’s goal to provide women from every walk of life with yoga and barre classes at sliding-scale prices, along with access to healthy food and wellness-centered empowerment events.

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Andes Hruby, Writer and Yogapreneur
When not inspiring people by writing lifestyle and fitness columns, Hruby coordinates unique retreats at Manu Yoga Retreats in beautiful Costa Rica. Hruby also spends her time working with outreach organizations such as Sudara, an antislavery and anti-trafficking organization.

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Nicole Cardoza, Yoga Foster
Yoga teacher and Yoga Foster founder and executive director Cardoza is using science-based, data-driven information to help train teachers to teach yoga. Her donation-driven program empowers school teachers to create happier, healthier classrooms through teaching their students yoga.

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Susanna Harwood Rubin, Yoga Teacher, Author, and Artist 
With her second book, Yoga 365, due out this fall, Harwood Rubin combines her life as a yoga teacher with her background as a visual artist and writer, bringing the three disciplines into a conversation. She is a storyteller who loves weaving Hindu myth and Tantric philosophy into her yoga classes. Harwood Rubin also gives talks on yoga, writing, and Hindu myth online and at yoga studios internationally.

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Valeria Hinojosa, Water Thru Skin
Hinojosa runs her website with a dedication to “lifestyle with a conscience.” It’s full of eco-friendly tips, kind ways to be fashion forward, yummy recipes, and a fun, eco-friendly online shop. Hinojosa is also involved with several philanthropic brands and nonprofits.

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Tatum Fjerstad, MOVE SIT WRITE Tour
One day, Fjerstad found herself aching for a different kind of life: One that involved a lot more adventure and meaning and a lot less stress. And so, the MOVE SITE WRITE Tour was born. Traveling across the country, Fjerstad teaches meditation and writing workshops and is having the time of her life: “The best thing I ever did was quit living the life I thought I was supposed to live and start living the life I wanted.”

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Joan Hyman, Yoga Teacher and Writer
Hyman has over 20 years of experience leading retreats, trainings, and workshops worldwide. She has been featured in and contributed to several publications, including Wanderlust and YOGANONYMOUS, and is the Director of Teacher Trainings at Wanderlust Hollywood as well as a Wanderlust Festival presenter. Hyman leads retreats all over the world, including Nepal, Bhutan, and India. She’s trained in Ayurveda and weaves the practice into her classes.

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Jessamyn Stanley, Yoga Teacher
Stanley is body positive advocate, writer, and yoga teacher who uses high-energy Vinyasa flow as a way to move past mental and emotional barriers. She is dedicated to providing a body positive approach to yoga that celebrates students’ bodies and encourages them to ask “How do I feel?” rather than “How do I look?”

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Kellie Adkins, Business Coaching for Conscious Entrepreneurs
Adkins has been a nutrition researcher, a wellness coach, a yoga therapist, a yoga studio owner, and teacher trainer. Now, she helps people achieve those things. Through her coaching business, Adkins empowers holistic entrepreneurs to do what they love—and actually make a living doing it.

Who would you add to this list? Please share in the comments below.

Photos courtesy of: HIYO Design (featured), Jess Davis via Wanderlust, Payal Kadakia via website, Emma Mildon self-submitted, Sophie Jaffe via websiteMary Beth LaRue via Wanderlust, Jacki Carr via websiteTamara Jones via LinkedIn, Caitlin Gottschalk self-submitted, Lesniak/Conway via Daya Yoga Studio, Silvia Mordini self-submitted, Corrine Wainer self-submitted, Andes Hrubry self-submitted, Nicole Cardoza self-submitted, Susanna Harwood Rubin via Roxxe NYC Photography, Valeria Hinojosa via websiteTatum Fjersted via Brian Lynch, Joan Hyman via Wanderlust, Jessamyn Stanley self-submitted, Kellie Adkins via website

– See more at:

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Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Level 1 Training

Empower your self discovery with the healing art of Reiki energy.
This comprehensive training combines lecture, discussion, demonstration, and practice time to set the foundation for understanding and practicing Reiki.
In this first level, you will be attuned to channel Reiki energy – which involves the opening of the palm, heart, and crown chakras with the use of healing symbols to activate Reiki energy to flow through you. Each student will experience giving and receiving a full treatment in addition to learning how to connect with their intuition.
Friday, June 10th 3:30 – 8:30pm
Saturday, June 11th from 4:30 – 8:30pm
Sunday, June 12th from 2:30 – 7:30pm
(each day will have a break for dinner)Cost:
$350 (two Reiki manuals and a certificate are included in the training fee)

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Songs of Body Friday May 20 8PM / Saturday May 21 4PM / Sunday May 22 4PM

Songs of Body

risen, fallen / like breador tides of the sea before the parting

composed, choreographed, and directed by Michelle Sui

design in collaboration with Amanda Roberge / Goldie Poblador / Elizabeth M. Stewart

Daya360 Jefferson St.Brooklyn, NY Off the L Jefferson Stop ]   Box office opens at 7:15PM for evening performances & 3:15PM for matinees

No late seating

Tickets: –––––––––


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