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TranscenDance: Rebirth Ritual Dance

TranscenDance: Rebirth Ritual Dance

Sunday, August 24th //4-6pm
Daya Yoga Studio Bushwick
360 Jefferson st

This workshop combines life coaching, dance and the inspiration of Tanya’s pregnancy. For expecting mothers in any stage of pregnancy or those experiencing a relationship break-up. Capture the significance of your current life transition, becoming a new self: be it a mother-to-be or mother of another little one or a more evolved self after a break-up. You will immerse in the process ultimately creating a personal dance that emulates your experience and honors your current “Rebirth”.

Tanya Morgan
is an ICF accredited Life Coach, skilled dancer, daily meditator and healer. A Certified Reiki Master her approach to deep tissue and Thai massage, flexibility sessions, and Life Coaching ( embraces the mind-body connection. Tanya’s meditation practice, spans 11 years of dedication and 5 years training in the teacher training program at KMC NYC ( Tanya’s dance training after Modern dance collegiate training at UW-Madison, lead her into a mentorship with the infamous Ken Swift learning the art of Breaking (Breakdance). Now she sees her dance practice as ritualistic; a conscious lifestyle.


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Aine Art Opening Party

Every month, Daya Yoga Studio will be rotating the artwork in the space.
Up next we have Alan Aine10616591_547509062043626_3470663163590852222_n

Alan Aine is a Haitian American figurative impressionistic artist who began his art career at the age of 12.
Alan is mostly inspired by human emotions, particularly attributed to photography, film, music and other media.
He creates his artwork by means of mixed mediums.

He currently has art on display in many places around the world; mostly on display in people’s homes.
The most incredible thing about Aine is, even though his paintings show an ample amount of technique, he is completely self-taught.

Come join us Friday, August 22nd at 8pm to soak up Alan’s beautiful artwork.
He will displaying pieces from his latest and past collections, as well as a live mural painting in the studio!

For any questions please contact

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Yantra Painting and Ayurvedic Cooking Class

10563540_750959964947057_562568849_n without having to travel to India!

Hosted by members of the Johari Family, upholders of Indian traditions and activities. Seema and Anushree Agarwal.

You will personally be guided to create yantras (mystical diagrams) as well as learning about Indian Vegetarian cooking based on Ayurveda, enhancing your spiritual experience, and understand benefits and significance.

Sign up early for the early bird special of $50
Day of the event $60

Love and Light

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Learn about Kundalini Yoga

Led by:Christina “Taran Inder Kaur” Cáceres certified 200hr Vinyasa and 300hr IKTYA certified Level One Kundalini Teacher and Kenny “Kiret Singh” Sperry 300hr IKTYA certified Level One Kundalini Teacher Kundalini yoga is a science that works on the seven chakras, your arc-line
and aura. Physically combining the energy of your glandular and nervous system through kriya sets, which include pranayama, asana, mudras, mantra and meditation. As a result of the practice you can begin to awaken your awareness taking you back into your original self.During this workshop we will explore the basics of kundalini yoga. We’’ll discuss what this kundalini energy actually is and how this yogic system differ ‘s from other forms of yoga. What are the physical and spiritual benefits of this experience and see first hand how the yoga of awareness can aid you in the age of information!Sat Nam

AUGUST 9TH, 2014
360 Jefferson (Bushwick)


Register online at

Any questions please email

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Daya Hula Hoop Jam Party!!

Are you a hooper or hooper enthusiast?
Maybe you have a flow art of your own? Jugglers?!
Daya Yoga Studio is opening their doors on AUGUST 10th @ 5pm for an open Hula Hoop Jam.
Welcome to all, all flow arts, all levels.
BYOH (bring your own hoop) or just BYYAF (bring yourself and friends)

For beginners our lovely friend Kristina Inga will be holding a 20min session to teach basic Hula Hoop tricks.

Hoop and dance the night away.

Suggested donation $5
When: August 10th at 5pm
Where: Daya Yoga Studio in Bushwick (360 Jefferson Street)

Any questions please send an email to

Peace love and hoopness!


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Meditation with Vindra Dass

Take a pause from your busy routine — give yourself the gift of silence. Immerse yourself in an oasis of peace, love, and light.


Thursday, July 24th, 8:30pm

GMedPodcastGrafficMeditation can remove stress and replace it with a dose of inner peace. It’s one of the best tools we have to balance our emotions, deal with physical and psychological distress, and promote the peace of the present moment. But it can be tough to meditate without a teacher or guide.

Meditating on your own requires some effort, while guided meditations literally walk you through a meditation and help you find a calm and peaceful state—one step at a time.


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Membership and Private Lessons – 50%OFF

It takes lots of courage to walk in to a yoga class and just practice. We want to make it easier for you and introduce you to yoga in more intimate and safe setting. Trough the month of July and August we are offering Private or Semi Private Yoga Sessions in our cozy Studio Space at 360 Jefferson St.

To schedule a class email us at:     or


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