This month at the studio

Daya Yoga Beach Bike Ride

Daya Beach Bike Ride
Saturday May 23rd


Get your bike, towel and bikini…
We will meet at 10am in front of the Studio
360 Jefferson st

Biking all the way to Rockaway Beach and than Yoga and Picnic

who is in?

for details email anna.dayayoga@gmail.combikes

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Qui Gong and Internal Alchemy Workshop Series


Awaken untapped perceptions and your own potential cultivate your innate unique true WHOLE self nature.
Align your mind, body and spirit
Restore and recharge.

Tammy Stackpoole will host this 4 series workshop on Qi Gong and Internal Alchemy.

May 17th
June 14th
July 19th
August 16th
6 – 8pm

$30 per session
$100 full series in advance

In these monthly workshop sessions you’ll learn practical powerful tools for cleansing and aligning the energy systems of mind-body-spirit for you to take home. Each monthly session will build upon each other and upon your solo practice. Very powerful and many changes can occur from subtle and incremental to radical shift.


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Pleasure in Motion

Mor Mendel will be leading an expressive and connective workshop that fuses yoga, breath and dance with body awareness and emotional freedom, to garner deep communication with oneself and others. In this class we follow what is organic and natural to our body, and seek to free preconceived ideas of what dance is and how should we move.

The goal is to leave judgment and fear behind and simply experience what’s available for us: in the body, from the body and as our body, mind, and physicality lift up together.

This workshop is composed of an ongoing guided and intuitive flow of energy, momentum, physicality and imagination. This process is dedicated to accessing our own movement and arriving at a place of body awareness, strengthening, flexibility and openness (of both body and emotions). From that high and energetic state, the workshop evolves into a playground of improvisational scores and human interactions.

In this workshop, you create your own movement vocabulary and your body plays with any idea the way it wants to play.

pleaseure in motion

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Dance with Viva !!!!

Daya Yoga Studio!!
This Saturday, May 9th.
Sweat, laugh, workout like crazy and have fun!!


Inspired by the 90s, dance-aerobix and dance teams, classes are designed to tone, strengthen and train your body with slammin’ moves & bangin’ grooves that will getchu lookin’ hella fresh. Incorporating hip-hop, jazz, cardio dance, and sports drills into easy to follow routines and signature moves (“gimme face”, “pony slap”, “pop star”) the Bodyroll Workout translates into Diva Dance Floor Domination!

But Bodyroll isn’t just a workout, it’s a whole new attitude! Viva’s bodyrollerz are encouraged to pump up the jam, empower each other and revolutionize what it means to be a ‘flygirl’ in the new millennium. Classes consist of the following sections: Warm-up (isolations & bodyrolls), Aerobic Realness, Booty Poppin Bootcamp, Jazz Attack & Diva Dance Floor Domination (choreography). Bodyroll motto? You’ve got to tone it to own it. Now let’s get sweat and Bodyroll!

viva bodyroll

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The Art of chilling out

Friday, May 1st
1:45 – 3:45pm

$25 pre register
$30 day of event

Your nervous system is a collection of several that regulate all your body’s voluntary and involuntary actions. Within this complex network of nerves exists the autonomic nervous system, which can be described as your body’s gas and brake. This serves an evolutionary function, but our bodies haven’t evolved a gene to process stress on a chronic level, something many people experience.

In this two hour workshop, we’ll discuss causes of stress, the body’s response, as well as the effects of various poses—both active and restorative—on the body. We’ll end with a full hour exploring restorative pranayama, supported poses, and the practice of Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep.

The yoga practice can be a fantastic toolbox for stress management, and this workshop is for anybody looking to start or expand theirs.

Open to all levels.

For questions please email


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Sunrise Exploration in Movement

This Friday !!!!!
For all the morning birds !!!

Friday , May 1st

















8-9 am Sunrise Exploration in Movement

You might think dancing is about steps, coordination and choreography.
But its not.
If you can walk you can dance.

These one-hour sessions are for you to experience high energy and joy build your strength, stretch your muscles and add on flexibility and stamina, while experiencing energy and joy through movement.
We will light our imagination and senses by gaining knowledge and self-awareness though our bodies.
We will be sweating without even knowing it.
We will be dancing without thinking about it.
We will let go and move.

This class begins slowly and builds up to a full on release of energy. We will start with breath, going into our body to stretch our muscles and raise our vitality. From this little warp-up we will increase energy to experience freedom and pleasure. The aim of this class is to feel a stream of energy and power bursting out of us, so before we end the class we can gather it back to our core. This experience will allow us to begin our days feeling empowered and light.

$15 at the door

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Earth Day Farm and Yoga Retreat at Growing Heart Farm

April 24th – 26th
Awaken the inner gardener with philospohies and practices used to empower us.
Sliding scale $200 – $250 for the ENTIRE weekend!
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