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White Accountability w/the Four Elements – Sat 2/18

Sat 2/18 2-4pm

Artist, activist and Pachamama steward Sarita Dougherty will bring a unique blend of earth-based learning modalities and critical race education to Daya Yoga studio from 2-4pm pm. This unique workshop is an interactive introduction to white privilege and allyship that moves participants through earth, fire, air and water to understand and process white supremacy culture and privilege. Bring a notebook, comfortable clothing, and an open mind! Any racial identity is welcome to attend and share.

Sarita is bicultural with Bolivian, Cajun and Irish ancestry. She grew up economically privileged in Richmond, Virginia, and turned to Punk Rock as a teenager begin unpacking inequities in race, sex, sexual preference, and class. What followed has been a lifelong and continuing journey to understand her own white and class privilege, name the characteristics of inequity and dominance in white cultures, and decolonize the languages and assumptions that perpetuate them. Her own mixed identity lends itself to cross-cultural communication and transformation. Sarita currently lives and works with her family on a mountain habitat in Yangna (Los Angeles).

$20 suggested donation
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Sacred Cacao, Sun 2/12 & Fri 2/17

Sunday 2/12, 4-7pm with Caity Flanagan

Join alchemist & modern day medicine woman, Caity Flanagan, for an intimate & passionate exploration of plant & stone medicine for love & sensuality. This workshop is will be an embodied journey and hands on exploration of plant medicine, flower & gem essences, and intimacy practices for expanding our capacity to love. Participants will learn about how to work with plant medicine to heal the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies, through herbal recipes & remedies. You will also explore “vibrational & energy medicine” through working with crystals, flower & gem essences. No prior experience needed, just a curious mind and open heart.

Following our blissful and aphrodisiac filled workshop we will sit in a Cacao ceremony. Cacao, is known as the “food of the gods” and has a rich history of medicinal, spiritual, and ritual use. Cacao’s plant spirit is one of LOVE, sensuality, deep opening, and warmth. Sitting with Cacao in ceremony offers us a unique opportunity to connect with & listen to our hearts, to increase our capacity for vulnerability and of course love. This Cacao ceremony will connect you to this plant’s medicine in a potent and intimate way that lasts far beyond our journey together.

Friday 2/17, 7-10pm with Florencia & Romany

Held by Florencia and Romany ~ Cacao devotees, yogis, herbalism + nutrition students; both passionate about the healing powers of plant medicine, ritual and self-empowerment. Join us for a night of deeply nurturing ceremonial Cacao and be taken on a journey from your head to your heart with meditation, live music and sound healing, used to harmonize mind, body + soul.

As the Cacao spirit invites us to go within and feel the unconditional love in our hearts, we are reminded that self love is the first stepping stone needed for us to be in balance and ready to care for others + our precious Earth. When we love ourselves as we are, in each moment, we are stepping into our divine truth. Along with Cacao, we will incorporate the spirit of Rose ~ a gentle aphrodisiac & powerful self-love ally.

Following the “most romantic day of the year”, we intend for the ceremony to be a reminder that Valentine’s Day isn’t about having a boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other, or spending money, or having the perfect romantic date; it’s about opening our hearts and being present to the gift of love inside of us.

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We look forward to connecting with you!

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A Call to Nature // Yoga + Alchemy Retreat April 6-10th



April 6th – 10th, 2017

Join teachers Meghan Conway and Liz Post for a journey through the wilderness and the soul. Highlighting the four classic elements: earth, water, air and fire. We will work with Mother Nature to restore, and develop a greater connection to self and purpose.

Experience the full spectrum of nature through four days and nights spent in the magical desertscape of Joshua Tree National Park. Enjoy daily yoga and meditation practices outside, sacred rituals led by Alchemist// medicine woman Caity Flanagan, hiking, rock climbing, hot springs and camping under the stars.

What this retreat includes:

– Campsites overlooking the serene desserscape of Joshua Tree
– 3 Ayurvedic inspired meals a day (some snacks will be provided too- did we mention homemade dehydrated fruits from Meghan?!)
– Daily Yoga practices (led by Liz or Meghan)
– Daily Meditation practice (Led by Liz, Meghan or Caity)
– Daily Guided Hikes
-Rock Climbing tutorial/ adventures led by Tyler Hartman
-Talks on Plant Medicine and alchemy by Caity Flanagan
-Learn basic camping skills and hiking to connect you with your primitive self!

*each guest is encouraged to bring own tent/ sleeping bag- however these can be provided for additional cost*

-Early bird rate $500
-After February 18th $550

For more information contact

*airfare not included- transportation from airport available*

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Restorative Yoga && the Nervous System


Hosted by Will Klein

Saturday 1/28 from 2-4pm

For me and many people I speak to, there seems to be a lot of emphasis on doing in the day-to-day.

Being more productive, accomplishing more tasks, achieving more goals–but to what end?

Our nervous systems have evolved over millions of years to get us quickly out of danger, to keep us alert and able to perform operations when they’re necessary, but it’s relatively recent on the Human Timeline that we’ve begun to experience this same stress on a chronic level: your body makes no distinction between running away from a tiger and worrying about making rent. The only difference is the length of time stress is experienced.

To calm the nervous system, less is often more. Together we’ll spend an afternoon learning a little bit about how the nervous system works, and how to work with your body (rather than against it) to cultivate a greater sense of calm.

$25 to pre-register at
$30 day of event

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Inauguration Day Meditation & Kirtan

On Inauguration Day come together at Daya Yoga Studio to raise your vibrations, grow love and positivity with a group of other love minded ones.

Jennifer MacFarlane will lead a meditation, followed by a ritual, that will flow into a Kirtan led by Alyssa Easterly.

For the ritual, you will offer up something that inspires you!

What to bring: Bring some inspiration of the heart to share to the group!! A song, poem, quote, story, an instrument, a prayer.

What to wear: something comfy

What is a Kirtan?
Devotional call and response group singing and chanting of mantras. Led by a singer playing the harmonium accompanied by drums and guitar.

Donation based

All proceeds go to 596 Acres: a local organization creating community gardens. More info about 596 Acres

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Intro to Yoga – Total Beginner Saturday January 14th 2-4pm


This workshop is for everyone who feels curious about what Yoga actually is.

You will learn the basic poses, and how to move without developing bad habits, helping you to avoid injuries as you exercise. Basic breathing techniques will be introduced. You will be explained the noncompetitive, healthy and fun approach to Yoga.

After you gain an understanding of what Yoga is, possibly you will be ready to jump into our ongoing group classes right after.

Ania Lesniak has been practicing yoga since 2003 and has been a teacher since 2009, during which time she created Daya Yoga Studio in Ridgewood. Ania has studied under many different teachers, in New York and India. She has an Ayurvedic approach to yoga practice and believes that in healthy body there is a healthy soul.

Price $25 if you preregister through MindBody or on our
$30 on the day of the event

for questions email:

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Anatomy Workshop Series :: The Bees’ Knees Sunday January 15th 2-4pm


15589586_1046424862152041_8149562815242067738_nAre you curious to learn more about anatomy? Have you ever wondered what happens on a physical level during your yoga practice? Do you wonder how your natural body mechanics off the mat can shape your practice? Join us for an immersive anatomy experience in which we will explore bones, joints, muscles, and more.

Below is the description of the second session on knees:

The Bees Knees!
Learn about anatomy from the ground up.

This session will be an integrated discussion and exploration about the largest and perhaps the most complex joint in the body: the knee. The way we work with the positioning and movement of our knees can either help or hinder us during our yoga practice. Get curious about how your knees can influence the rest of your body.

We will address topics such as the bones, ligaments, and muscles that comprise the knees, as well as how the knees work to help the body move efficiently. A Q&A will help clarify concepts and engage with new ideas as a group. We will also play together with a moving exploration of the knees through asana and energetic breathing practices.

This workshop is open to both teachers and students alike. No previous anatomy experience is necessary: the material covered will be accessible to all.

Maggie is a teacher at Daya and a second year student in a clinical occupational therapy program at SUNY Downstate Medical Center. Alongside anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology academics, she has studied with Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews at the Breathing Project, the authors of Yoga Anatomy. She hopes to facilitate a dynamic conversation about yoga anatomy with the Daya community!

Pre Register $20
Day of Event $25

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