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Let go of Illusions …feel

Connect with people on deeper level.
Let go of illusions, feel ..

One of my favorite works by Alex Grey

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Thai Massage My Valentine











This partnered Thai Massage workshop will relax, open and prepare you for valentines day, valentine or not!

Thai massage is a deeply relaxing yet invigorating style of massage that incorporates passive stretching, joint mobility and pressure applied to energetic pathways along the body. The effects can be felt in minutes and will inspire hours of balanced, relaxed energy long after a treatment. In this workshop, Yves will guide students through the graceful, dance-like movements essential to this divine practice.

The workshop will focus on promoting deep relaxation and restful sleep, addressing issues such as anxiety, digestive discomfort, and aches and pains brought on by the demands of daily life. It will incorporate techniques to relax and gently mobilize both the upper and lower body.

Traditional Thai Massage is practiced on the floor, on a padded mat for comfort, without the use of lotions or oils. Participants should come dressed in loose fitting, comfortable clothing that allows for movement.

$30 Registration Fee $50 for couples

*Chocolate and Wine Included*


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The Art of Chilling Out // Tools for Effective Hibernation!

Winter is finally here.
While some people appear to thrive in this season, the reality of cold and dark for a few more months has set in for many people as they face the often unforgiving months before spring.

It’s in these months that it can be good to embrace your inner bear, and spend months leading up to the vernal equinox in effective hibernation: bolstering your body’s own natural rest, digest and restore functions to keep you happy and healthy. This workshop will include a discussion of the nervous system, the body’s response to stress and environmental factors, and how it relates to the yogic understanding of the mind/body relationship. We’ll spend time in yoga poses that require no effort to hold, and are designed to induce states of calm and facilitate healing. We’ll also breathe in funny ways. You’ll leave with a toolbox of practices that may make you sad to see winter go come April.

$25 in advance $30 day of

sign up herechilloutflyer2

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“Winter Blues Party” @ Daya, January 29th 8pm

high on flow@ Daya’s “Winter Blues” ~ High on Flow Party on Friday, January 29th, 2016! Dorrs Open @8pm Music goes on at 9pm
$ 15 Suggested Donation for the Music Meditataion
Endorphin Pump – Suggested donation as well!!

” Submerge yourself in soothing sounds with a night of immersive music composed and presented by spatial sound artist, Tom Montagliano. You find yourself seated in the middle of a circle of 8 speakers within which you will be bathed in blankets of warm and wondrous vibrations. All visuals will be provided by you as you will be encouraged to close your eyes and get lost for a bit, letting the ambient waves of music guide you on your own introspective adventure. For more information and sound samples head over to

From 8-10pm there will be a Cosmic Meditation Session
with a sound artist Tom Mongliano

Event is Donation Based
Let the Healing Begin!!

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Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Level 1 Training

Plug into life force energy and empower your ability to tune in to the subtle workings of your inner being and those around you.
   This comprehensive training sets the foundation for further study in Reiki, and combines the Western style of Reiki with the traditional Japanese style.  In this first level, you will learn about the history of Reiki, how Reiki is used, how to cleanse and protect your energy, how to cultivate intuition with muscle testing techniques, an overview of the energy body and chakra system, and how to practice Reiki legally in the state of New York.  Upon completion of the class, you will be able to give Reiki sessions to yourself and others.
Saturday, January 30th from 7:30pm – 10:30pm
Sunday, January 31st from 4pm – 9pm
(attendance at both dates are required)
(save $50 if you register before the 20th with code “REIKI50” here)d159a74bd4845b47d426f89c664479ef
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Herbal Healing for Winter

Herbal Healing for Winter

Jan. 17 from 4pm-5pm

A FREE talk about using herbal remedies for support this season.

As seasons change, our bodies need support to ease through the transition.  The colder months are a time for deep nourishment as we withdrawal into ourselves to rest with the rhythm of nature.  During this discussion, we will talk about the importance of self-care and how you can take care of your body, mind, and emotions with the use of herbal remedies.

Some topics to be covered include:

– seasonal depression

– immune boosting

– increasing circulation

– respiratory support

– cold/flu support

Bring something to take notes, if you’d like.

About Corinne Feinberg:
Corinne is a bicoastal healer sharing her knowledge of Reiki energy healing, yoga and plant medicine with those interested in understanding their bodies, minds, and emotions more fully.  Corinne’s passion for the healing arts began with seeking alternative modalities to support her journey through Chronic Lyme Disease.  It was the gift of Reiki energy healing that lead Corinne to experience freedom from her symptoms and ultimately healed her from the disease.  Since then, Corinne has furthered her interest in healing by taking yoga teacher training at Kripalu, studing herbal medicine at The Open Center and completing 140 hours of an herbal apprenticeship with The Gaia School of Healing in Vermont.  Corinne travels around the country teaching all levels of the Reiki system of healing, seeing clients and sharing herbalism to empower self-awareness and self-healing.



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Crystal Bowl Meditation with Reiki

Crystal Bowl Meditation with Reiki
Jan. 15 from 7pm – 9pm

$35 (registration recommended to reserve a spot)

Allow the vibrations of the quartz crystal bowls to lull you into a deep state. Each bowl is tuned to a different music note which correlates to specific energy centers – or chakras – in the body. When the bowls are played, the tone reverberates to release trapped or untapped energy being held within your energetic field. The result is healing on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level which translates to shifts in your external world. It starts from within.

The evening will include guided meditation, the sounds of crystal bowls, and Reiki energy healing. Blankets, bolsters, yoga mats, and eye pillows will be provided, but please bring anything else you may need to rest comfortably as you will be laying down.

Contact for all inquires.



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