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Free Intro to Hypnosis

Daya Yoga and Professional Hypnotherapy Practice invite you to free workshop of “Practical Application for Hypnosis.”
Workshop is completely free and there are no strings attached. Participating in this hardly 2 hours workshop will change your view on how you talk yourself into existence and how not you, but the thoughts and ideas you are holding in you mind, crate the reality. Learn to tap into your subconscious mind and read the massages that your subconscious delivers to you. Interactive workshop where you are encouraged to ask questions.

Sunday, 3rd of April at 1:30 – 3:30pm


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Sound Healing Workshop

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Didgeridoo as a healing tool !!!


People come to the didgeridoo for many reasons, most of which I see connected to healing. Players benefit from the many therapeutic benefits of the instrument: deeper breathing, expanded lung capacity, greater sense of rhythm. Listeners have access to a whole dimension of sound that is not often provided in our modern world. The ancient vibrations that come through even the most modern versions of the didgeridoo often help listeners enter deep states of relaxation or trance. These deeper states of consciousness, not commonly accessed by us on a day-to-day basis, are truly beneficial to those who enter them with intention. This was the concept behind Didge Project’s album, Didgeridoo Meditation: An Odyssey Through Consciousness.

When I first saw and heard the didgeridoo, I thought it was a toy, a novel instrument used purely for entertainment. As a trombone player, I thought it would be easy to make the sound but in fact I tried playing and could barely get a note to resonate. Later, I would discover that my lips were too tight.

My connection to the instrument came when I heard it in a meditative/healing context. I was lying down on the beach after a long day of running around and a dear friend who happened to have a didgeridoo blessed me with it. He played while moving the instrument around my entire body and I felt as if I were transported to another dimension. I came out of that experience and all I wanted to do was play the didgeridoo.

What is it about the didgeridoo that is so captivating? It is such a seemingly simple instrument: a hollow tube with no moving parts. Yet the sound production comes from such an internal place. To properly play you need to have great facility over your entire respiratory system, diaphragm, abdominal and intercostal muscles, throat, tongue, lips and voice! This inner experience is then amplified and sent out into the world so others can hear. It’s really magical what goes into didgeridoo music.

Players come to the didgeridoo to explore the inner realms but there is a social element as well. I have seen people open up socially once becoming a didgeridoo player. One of my first students was very quiet before she started playing. She fell in love with the instrument and is now much more talkative, eager to share the gifts of the didgeridoo with the world.

The didgeridoo journey, for those who decide to take it, is very powerful and I have seen it bring positive change to many lives. Whether you play the instrument or merely listen, there is much in store for you. The aboriginal people connect the didgeridoo to ancient times. In our modern world the didgeridoo is something we can all benefit from.

AJ Block is a didgeridoo player focused on the healing arts. He teaches how to play the didgeridoo as self-therapy and he conducts healing sessions using the didgeridoo and other therapeutic instruments.


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Valentine’s Day Workshop !!

1556316_450080715119795_468024611_oWant to try something different for Valentine’s Day this year?

Come join us at Daya Yoga Studio for our Valentine’s workshop with Anna Lesniak!!
Lovers, brothers, sisters, strangers alike are welcome

Workshop is on Thursday the 13th, so you can still make those fancy dinner reservations on Friday

Members join for free
Pre registration is only $20!!
Walk ins are $25 per person the day of the workshop

Pre registration will be available online, you can message me or email

It’ll be a great time with partner yoga, elements of THAI MASSAGE and ACRO YOGA!
Come on it’ll be so much fun

Hope to see you there

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Breathless: A Wake for Carrie Ahern Dance

Breathless: A Wake for Carrie Ahern Dance

Join us for Carrie Ahern’s annual fundraising event November 20th, to raise money for Borrowed Prey: Part II, premiering December 3rd – 14th at Alwan for the Arts, New York City. Your ticket will include food, wine, performance and interactive rituals.

This evening is a cheeky and spirited take on an Irish wake, complete with feasting, drinking, the Selling of Indulgences, attempts at waking the dead, and a chance to introduce yourself to the cutting edge music and movement technology used in the upcoming December shows. This one time only event is an opportuntiy to meet Carrie Ahern and to support this unique performance experience.

Present Pariah Inc / Carrie Ahern Dance is a 501 C3 not-for-profit corporation. Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Directions to Alwan for the Arts:
16 Beaver St., 4th Floor (bet. Broad & Broadway)
New York, NY  10004
Tel: (646) 732-3261

Alwan for the Arts is accessible to people with disabilities. Please call 646 732 3261 in advance, or buzz at the door to arrange a ramp.

SUBWAY: 4/5 to Bowling Green; J to Broad St. (south exit to Exchange Pl.); R to Whitehall St. – South Ferry; 1 to Rector St.  (at Greenwich St.); 2/3 to Wall St. (at William St.);

BUSES: M5 via Broadway; M5 via Allen & Water Streets;

Borrowed Prey seeks to unveil spaces of connection/disconnection around death in our culture.

Where Borrowed Prey: part I looked at empathy and animal death, in Borrowed Prey: part II choreographer Carrie Ahern looks at empathy and human death.  Borrowed Prey: part II asks: With modern culture’s tendency to prolong life at almost any cost, are we capable of embracing death? Adapting video game technology to create a symbiotic relationship between movement and sound, it addresses the complicated relationship of the body to medical technology. The live ensemble, dancer and choreographer Carrie Ahern, Bessie Award winning dancer Carolyn Hall and composer/musician Anne Hege use their personal experiences of the dying process to inform the work. Where cultural dying ritual seems lacking in the Western world, Borrowed Prey: part II reveal a communal ritual that promotes connection. This ritual is supported by immersive original video by Harrison Owen, Sets and Lighting by Jay Ryan and costumes by Naoko Nagata. An intimate work viewed in-the-round, Borrowed Prey: part II presents a life-affirming interconnectedness as an alternative to our culture’s current sanitized process.

Borrowed Prey: part II has a limited audience capacity of 30 people per performance and 8 performances only.


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Halloween Costume Competition 
All you have to do is,use your imagination, make up a costume and take a yoga class…
It has to be not only creative and fun but comfortable to move around.
The winner will get 1 month Free of unlimited Yoga at Daya Yoga Studio
Chocolate and blood after class for everyone  !!!!!!!!
Thursday, October 31
7:15pm – Tricks and Treats – Open Level Yoga Class with Ania

475 Onderdonk Ave
718 4067912
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The End of Summer Yoga Gathering

The End of Summer Yoga Gathering

September 7th,
Saturday @ 5pm

The Rooftop Apt 2 H
852 Cypress Ave
Ridgewood, Ny 11385

It has been a great summer full of transitions and changes.
Time to embrace the spirit of possibility.
Raise your vibration through a great Yoga practice, make new friends.

5:30pm – Rooftop Yoga Class with Ania Lesniak
7:00pm – Kirtan followed by Sunset Meditation
8:00pm – Life Performance by Erock and Josephine Kirata Chumpitas

* Art Projection by Martin’s Art Dimention

* Handmade Crafts and Artwork for Sale

Free Event

In exchange for Yoga and Art please bring food and drinks

In case of rain the event will be moved to Daya Yoga Studio (475 Onderdonk Ave)


hosted by Daya Yoga Studio
for more info contact Ania
718 406 7912

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