New To Yoga

Anyone can do yoga. It is the best step to a healthy lifestyle. Yoga will help you to relax, concentrate and get rid of all kinds of pains. Consistent practice (at least 2 times a week) will improve your sleep, digestion and balance your mood. You will find yourself more calm, focused and happier.

Commonly asked questions:

What should you expect from yoga?

It all depends on the level and kind of class that you attend. Vinyasa is a vigorous practice with quick transition from pose to pose. It requires you to be very focused on the voice of the teacher and your own breath. Breath is the most important part of the practice. Gentle or beginner's class will be slower, with some of the same poses but done in slower pace. Generally, in yoga you do what you can without comparing yourself with other students. Your aim is to challenge yourself in a safe way. You need to observe your body and distinguish pain from good stretch and pain from overstretching or overdoing the pose. Yoga is not competitive practice.

Why choose yoga over other forms of exercise?

Yoga is the only form of physical exercise that addresses all three forms of existence: body, mind, and soul. By practicing yoga, you can strengthen the muscles and skeletal system, learn proper breathing and develop techniques to calm your mind. Regular yoga practice also helps one to develop skills towards meditation or deep relaxation, which are proven to improve the sleep, lower stress levels and help those suffering from depression. For those that are completely healthy, yoga helps with stamina building, improved digestion, increased wellbeing and spiritual advancement.

How many classes a week I should take?

Even one class a week done on a regular basis will make a difference in how you feel. Often, time and finances can limit us to the number of classes in which we can participate. One class per week is very good, two is excellent, and three is outstanding. ASs you observing your body you may find that yoga became a part of your everyday routine. Feel free to take as many classes as feels right for you, and please keep in mind that too many poorly supervised classes may be less beneficial than one well-rounded class. Its also beneficial to take one private class with your instructor when you just starting.

Is yoga a form of exercises for everybody?

Everybody can do yoga. That is why there are many styles and levels. Choose the one according to your physical limitation, years of practice, or goals that you would like to achieve. Yoga allows many paths to one goal. If you are young and healthy with a hyperactive personality, you may want to try more relaxing and calming style (gentle yoga, basic, slow). If you are older and fit, you are welcome to do any style. Even people with serious conditions can do yoga (nidra - yoga of sleep, restorative yoga). You can do yoga as long as you can breathe.

My body after the class

Well, it is probably a good pain. It means that the workout of the muscles was deep and long enough, and you reached those places in your body that haven't been visited for a long time. Soreness is an after-effect of well-done exercise. Soaking in a bath will help to soothe pain.

What are the benefits of doing yoga?

Any reason to start yoga practice is great. Some may want to lose weight, to relax, to slow down the aging process or help the body in time of transition (menopause). There is broad research that proves benefits of yoga. The most important benefit of yoga practice is the lowering of stress, as this is the reason for the majority of illnesses (high blood pressure, heart problems, etc.). Others benefits are: learning to control your emotions, improving overall health and physical condition, strengthening bones, balancing hormonal system, building self-awareness, gradual and healthy weight lose, and even the disappearance of cellulite. All of these can only be achieved only with regular practice.