Class Description

Daya Yoga offers a menagerie of classes to suit students of all levels and lifestyles. Read through our descriptions here and see what styles best suit you.

Commonly asked questions:


daya-yoga Sanskrit for ("eight-limbed") Yoga– brought to the world by teachings of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Ashtanga practice includes several increasingly difficult series of postures, energetic vinyasa flow and sun salutation (surya namascara). Open to all levels.


daya-yoga For new yogis looking to learn the basics and seasoned practitioners seeking a refresher. Practice the foundation of all poses, linking movement with breath, and discovering proper alignment to receive the full benefits of a yoga practice. Open to all levels.


daya-yoga Inspired by the 90s, dance-aerobix and dance teams, classes are designed to tone, strengthen and train your body with slammin’ moves & bangin’ grooves that will getchu lookin’ hella fresh. Incorporating hip-hop, jazz, cardio dance, and sports drills into easy to follow routines and signature moves!

Candlelit Lunar Flow w/Live Music

daya-yoga This dimly lit class is the perfect way to decompress from a typical New York day. A sweet, smooth flow accompanied by live music, a transcendent experience. Open to all levels.

Chakra Flow

daya-yoga Chakra Flow is a container for knowing and loving yourself, your innate and beautiful powers and impulses, and your connection to all that is in the fullest way possible. Each class focuses on a different chakra, which we explore through traditional yogic asanas and breathwork, guided meditation and somatic movement exercises, following what feels the best in our individual bodies. In honoring the pleasure principle and all of the wisdom therein we offer ourselves and each other deep, holistic nourishment through which we are able to expand our capacities to let go, become stronger and fuller, and more empathetic to all creatures, life forces, and the world in which we live. Open to all levels.

Community Class

daya-yoga The idea of selfless service (Seva) is an important concept in Yoga. Because everything is perceived as One, serving other people is considered an essential practice of indirectly serving your Divine Self. This class is a great way to support graduates of the Daya Teacher Training as they explore and hone their craft, while you get to practice at a reduced rate. Instructors will rotate weekly, so check the schedule to meet our Graduates! Open to all levels.

Dynamic Flow

daya-yoga To move dynamically is to evoke the force that stimulates change. To use movement as a form of self expression and self exploration is to remain curious to the ever evolving life force within the body and therefore the ever evolving you. Dynamic Flow is a Vinyasa-style class that moves gracefully through poses, balancing out, opening up and turning upside down with a heavy focus on awareness and fluidity. Open to all levels.

Family Yoga

daya-yoga Sacred, silly fun for the whole family!! Positive and conscious music, mindful breathing, animated poses, and basic yogic principles helps promote coordination and body awareness. Breathing, storytelling and visualization games encourage parents and children to use their imagination, relax, and practice self-mastery. Through interactive games and playful, animated postures families learn about nature and their outer environment while exploring the fundamental anatomy of the inner-self. Families with kids of all ages are welcome to come and play.

Gentle Flow + Restore

daya-yoga Unwind with this sweet, slow, mindful practice. Incorporating just enough flow and plenty of restoration, the perfect way to let go of your day. Open to all levels.

Get Up and Flow

daya-yoga Get Up and Flow is fresh and invigorating, the perfect way to start your day. We begin gently and gradually increase intensity to leave you invigorated, setting your body and mind up for success regardless of what your day may hold. Consider this class a replacement for your morning coffee. Open to all levels.


daya-yoga Hatha style yoga focus' on holding asana's with breath. Inviting the student to discover a deeper understanding of alignment and breath in each pose. Open to all levels.

Kripalu Flow

daya-yoga Inspired by a traditional Kripalu approach. We begin with meditation and breath, followed by an energizing physical practice. The asana style blends Vinyasa and Hatha, combining flowing transitions with longer-held poses. A class that gracefully balances the physical and mental aspects of the practice. Open to all levels.


daya-yoga Kundalini Yoga is a science of the mind and body, to elevate the spirit, which has no boundaries, no discrimination. Therefore it is for everyone, universal and nondenominational. Kundalini is also known as the Yoga of Awareness; its focus is on self-awareness and delivering an experience of your highest consciousness. Open to all levels.

Lunar Vinyasa

daya-yoga In its most basic form, the Vinyasa style of yoga is the marriage of breath and movement. Each breath brings a new pose or transition between poses, allowing the body to feel both light and powerful as the movement itself becomes a meditation. This Vinyasa class veers toward the gentle side to help you let go of your daily stress and prepare for a good night’s sleep. Open to all levels.

Meditation by Donation

daya-yoga This half hour of meditation is perfect for beginners and daily meditators alike. Set the pace for your day and learn how to incorporate a meditation practice into your life. Open to all levels.

Power Hour

daya-yoga Breath, meditation, movement, all you need packed into one sweet hour. A strong Vinyasa-style class designed to get you moving and make you sweat.

Power Yoga

daya-yoga This class is perfect for those looking to deepen their practice and bring it to the next level. A constant flow with synchronizing breath and movement, this class builds heat and is sure to make you sweat. Prior yoga experience recommended.

Power Yoga Level II

daya-yoga This class is designed to take you to the next level of your yoga practice. A fast, paced, mindful flow, rooted in Ashtanga and Jivamukti Yoga. Prior yoga classes required, this is an advanced class.

Prana Flow

daya-yoga Using hatha style asana sequence. we embark on a class that is primarily focused on the healing and subtle aspects of the breath. Each class is focused on a particular energy circuit "nadi" and energy vortice "chakra" Through the sequence we learn of the energy system and abilities of manipulation through awareness of inner locks and gates. In a class one would expect 25 minutes of breath practice "pranayama" and spinal warm ups, 45 minutes of posture practice "asana" and 10 minutes of rest and meditation

Restorative Yoga

daya-yoga Calm your nerves with long-held, supported poses. Let your yoga props do the work for you while your body relaxes and slowly unwinds. The most work you will do in this class is calming down your mind. Open to all levels.


daya-yoga In its most basic form, the Vinyasa style of yoga is the marriage of breath and movement. Each breath brings a new pose or transition between poses, allowing the body to feel both light and powerful as the movement itself becomes a meditation. Open to all levels.

Women's Rejuvenation Circle

daya-yoga Women's Rejuvenation Workshop is a co-created experience of women supporting women in reclaiming our bodies, beings, and sexualities as our own. We draw power from the archetype of the triple goddess: the Maiden, Mother, and and ever-wise Crone that lies within each of us, and in gathering together, we are able to tap into our deep reserves of wisdom, and healing potential. We believe that the healing and empowerment of women is vital for the healing and empowerment of the world. Through our structure of forming a sacred circle, guided meditation, emotional check-in, ritual, and honoring our bodies' sacred sensuality, we create a healthier, juicier means of being, healing the earth and inviting a more kind and conscious society, one empowered woman at a time.

Yin / Yang / Nidra

daya-yoga Duality comes together in unity. We start with a series of long-held passive poses to stretch sore muscles and open joints. Once our bodies and minds are open, we begin to explore more active movement, squeezing the muscles around the bones to pull the body back together and reintroduce heat. Poses requiring a greater range of motion become accessible. We end with a 30-40min Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) meditation, which serves as restoration for the body and can also be used as a precursor to lucid dreaming and astral projection. How deep do you want to go?

Yin Yoga

daya-yoga Explore the power of surrender. Yin Yoga offers a deep opening and lubrication of the major joints and connective tissue, while tense muscles are consciously released and relaxed. Slow and meditative, this class is perfect for taming a raucous mind or working carefully and compassionately into a not-so-flexible body. Bring extra layers for warmth. All levels.